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Q: What time did the battle of the wilderness start?
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Related questions

Who won the Battle of the Wilderness?

the battle of the wilderness was undecisive, or there was no winner.

Did the Battle of the Wilderness lead to another war?

The battle of Wilderness led to the battle of Spotsylvania.

What time did the fire start in the wilderness battle in the civil war?

On May 5, 1864, at 6.OO AM, when thevanguards of Ewell's Confederate Corps crashed into Gen. Griffin's Federal division ofthe Potomac Army, deployed to protect the crossroad near Wilderness Tavern.

When did Battle of the Wilderness happen?

Battle of the Wilderness happened in 1864.

Where was the wilderness battle?

It was in the wilderness near Spotsillevania, VA

Is the battle of the Wilderness and the battle of todd's tavern the same?

Todd's Tavern was a cavalry fight on May 4, 1864 and was one battle of the entire Battle in the Wilderness.

How many union soilders were killed in the battle of the wilderness?

2,246 union soldiers were killed in the battle of wilderness

Was the Battle in the Wilderness close to the Battle of Chancellorsville?

Although the battlefield was roughly the same, the Battle of Wilderness Tavern or The Wilderness was fought one year later than that of Chancellorsville, from May 3rd to May 6th, 1864.

What year was Battle in the Wilderness?

The year the Wilderness battles occurred was 1864.

What battle did grant and lee fight in?

the BAttle of Wilderness

How long did the Battle of the Wilderness last?

The Battle of the Wilderness occured on May 5-7, 1864. Therefore it lasted 2 days.

Where was the battle of the Wilderness in Civil War?

The Battle of the Wilderness was fought in Virginia, about 20 kilometers west from Fredericksburg, as the crow flies, near Chancellorsville.

What battle happened on May 5 to 7 1864?

The Battle of the Wilderness

Who won at the battle of the wilderness?

grant won the battle, the union army

What was the importance of the Battle of Fort Wilderness?

Either this question is in the wrong category or the use of FORT in the question is wrong. Fort Wilderness was the site of a battle in the Seven Years(French and Indian)War. In the War Between the States the Battle of The Wilderness(May 1864) was the first time that Robert E. Lee and Hiram Ulysses Grant met in battle. It was also significant in that it was the first time (at least in the Eastern Theater) that-after a battle- the two armies didn't separate to"lick their wounds,"or that their movements weren't to retreat. From the time of this battle until both armies settled into the siege of Petersburg,they were either fighting or marching to fight constantly. Grant's familiar"move by the left flank" strategy worked in pushing Lee south and finally depleted the Southern army such that it could no longer fight. Grant brought it to a close at Appomattox Courthouse,Va. on Palm Sunday-April 9, 1865. The final push began at The Battle of the Wilderness.

Where was The Wilderness Battle Located?

there were 4 locations

What was the Union's troop advantage as the US Civil War Battle of the Wilderness unfolded?

The Battle of the Wilderness began in the first few days of May 1864. It was important in that it was the first time that General Grant would face General Lee. US Grant came will armed. His army numbered 100,000 troops and Lee had 60,000 troops. This battle became a Confederate victory.

What is an fact about the Battle of The Wilderness?

Even though the War had been going on for just over 3 years at this point, it was the very first time that Lee and Grant had faced each other in battle.

What time did the Gettysburg battle start?


What time did the battle of marathon start?


What time did the Charleston battle start?


What battle did lee defeat hooker?

Lee defeated Gen. Hooker at the battle of the Wilderness.

Where did the battle of wilderness take place?

In Richmond, Virginia.

Where did the battle of the wilderness started?

In central Virginia. In 1864

When did the Battle of the Wilderness begin?

5th May 1864.