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What is a woolly mammoths predator?

Sabertoothed tiger

Which is more powerful - tiger or lion?

lion is more powerfull but the ansister of lion-smilodon . is stronger but ansister of tiger-sabertoothed tiger.....i like tiger

What is an adult saber-toothed tiger called?

The real scientific name for sabertoothed tigers of all ages was smilodon.

What is being done to save a saber-toothed tiger?

There have been several distinct species sabertoothed cats through prehistory, all of which are now extinct.

When did sabertoothed tigers exist?

They existed during the pleistocene (tertiary) era about 10,000 B.C.

Are saber-toothed tigers still alive?

No they have been extinct a long timeThere have been several distinct species of sabertoothed cats through prehistory, all of which are now extinct.There was even one marsupial sabertoothed "cat." The last of the sabre-toothed tigers died thousands of years they are extinct, and they have been extinct for exactly 11.000 yearsThey did exist, but only in history. Due to the Ice Age and other complications the saber tooth tiger became extinct.

What eats lettuce coral?

sabertoothed tigers.

How much does a saber-toothed tiger wiegh?

There were many kinds of sabertoothed cats, and they varied in size from that of a large house cat to that of a tiger or lion, and some were even bigger. The classic saber toothed "tiger" is called Smilodon and the South American species could weigh up to 500 kgs!

What prehistorical creature did apes evolve from as cats of today large and small evolved from the Sabre toothed tiger?

Cats did not evolve from sabertoothed tigers. Rather, sabertoothed cats evolved from other cats. Modern apes evolved from miocene apes, which were somewhat similar. Miocene apes evolved from some lemur-like primate, or perhaps something like a lorise.

Where can you find eagle?

you can mosly find eagles in the anuses of a sabertoothed bear.

When did Tiger Lance die?

Tiger Lance died in 2010.

When did Tiger Roche die?

Tiger Roche died in 1775.

When did Tiger Smith die?

Tiger Smith died in 1979.

When did Jerome Tiger die?

Jerome Tiger died in 1967.

What type of tigers is there?

There is thhe south china tiger, maltese tiger nicknamed the blue tiger as they are blue, white tiger, bengal tiger, Siberian tiger, Sumatran tiger,Indochinese tiger, white bengal tiger,Malayan tiger. There are three that are extinct the Bali tiger which died in 1940's, the Caspian wich died in the 1970's and the Javan thiger wich died in the 1980's. If you don't believe me go on google images or bing images and type in the names of the tigers

A video clip of a tiger and a saber-toothed tiger fighting?

That couldn't be true. Saber tooth tigers were extinct before videos. They died out a long time ago. That couldn't be true. Saber tooth tigers were extinct before videos. They died out a long time ago.

How old is Dick Tiger?

Dick Tiger was born on August 14, 1929 and died on December 14, 1971. Dick Tiger would have been 42 years old at the time of death or 85 years old today.

How many feet can a tiger be?

A tiger can be as long as you what it to be like once I saw a a 50ft tiger in a dream and then I died .The End

When did William 'Tiger' Dunlop die?

William 'Tiger' Dunlop died on 1848-06-29.

When did Tiger Devenish die?

Tiger Devenish died on 1928-09-10.

When did Tiger Jones die?

Tiger Jones died on 1994-08-20.

When did Tiger Prabhakar die?

Tiger Prabhakar died on 2001-03-26.

When did Tiger Varadachariar die?

Tiger Varadachariar died on 1950-01-31.

What was Tiger Woods injury?

he died

Where did Tiger Woods died?

he didn't