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Stingrays are nocturnal animals that mean they eat at nighttime.

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Do crabs eat stingrays?

Crabs are scavengers; they will eat stingrays if the stingrays are already dead.

What type of fish do stingrays eat?

stingrays eat clownfish

Do stingrays eat star fish?

No and i know this because i love stingrays and swim with them all the time and that's true

Cool facts about stingrays?

You can eat stingrays.

What parts of stingrays can you eat?

stingrays that aren't poisnous

Why do stingrays spend a lot of time partially buried in the sand?

Stingrays use the sand as camouflage waiting for a fish to swim by and then they eat it

Do stingrays eat vegetable?

Stingrays eat other fish, vegetables are scarce in the ocean.

Do orca whales eat stingrays?

yes they do they hunt for stingrays

Can sharks eat stingrays?

yes. the hammerhead eats stingrays

Do stingrays eat fish?

Yes stingrays eat plankton, molluscs, crustaceans and small fish

Do stingrays eat crabs?


Do stingrays eat plants?


Do stingrays eat sharks?

No, almost all mature sharks are larger than stingrays

What animals eat stingrays?


Do tiger sharks eat stingrays?


Do stingrays eat jellyfish?


Do stingrays eat clams?


What do baby stingrays eat?


How do humans affect stingrays?

we eat them

Are stingrays scavengers?

no they eat crabs.

Does stingrays eat calms?

yes they do

What kind of fish do stingrays eat?

Stingrays eat fish, sea worms, shrimp. and clams. They may eat soft shelled animals also. They eat plankton in the water also.

Why do whales eat stingrays?

Whales include stingrays in their diet as a source of protein. Whales are known to eat fish, turtles, birds, and plants.

Where do stingrays eat?

Well from their mouths on the bottom of them

Are stingrays good to eat?

It depends on your taste.

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