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fairys come out in all seasons because there are different season fairies

if you are talking about the tooth fairy she comes out when you lose your teeth or a tooth

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What time does the tooth fairy come out at night?


Will the tooth fairy come if you have a baby molar?

yes probably, the tooth fairy comes every time usually....

How can a fairy come to you?

A fairy can't come to you. There is no proof of fairies existing.

When will Fairy Tail Anime come out in English?

fairy tail amine will come out in English soon.

How do you get a real fairy to come to you?

Fairies do not exist. They are a fantasty, therefore there is no possible way to get a real fairy to come to you.

What books come after ally the dolphin fairy?

Amelie the Seal fairy.

When does the movie The Tooth Fairy come out?

the movie comes out Jan. 22, 2010, have a fun time watching it!!!!!!!

Are fairy eggs real?

No. Fairy eggs are not real. If fairy eggs aren't real then where did all the fairies come from?

Can you fly with fairy dust?

No, you cant fly with fairy dust. But you can sprinkle it on thing and the fairy maby will come.

Is there a tooth fairy in Italy?

Tooth fairies are wherever you want them to be. Tell your mum or dad that you want the tooth fairy to come and visit you when your tooth comes out. They know how the fairy knows when to come.

Where do fairy tails come from?


Can a fairy come to you and wake you up?

Very rarely but it does happen like with your fairy godmother!

When does the movie The Tooth Fairy come out on DVD?

The Tooth Fairy comes out on April 13th.

Can fairy tales come true?

fairy tales are very much fake! they cannot come true! i behide these stories are always a moral but, they can never come true!

Where can you get fairy eggs?

to get a fairy egg you have to let it come to you it may happen if your lucky or get it for 5.00$ online

Does the Tooth Fairy take a little longer to come when it is Christmas time because of Santa being so busy?


Where do new drugs come from?

The drug fairy.

Does the tooth fairy come when you are asleep?


Where did robing hood come from?

Fairy tales!

Did tooth fairy come out yet?


Is there such thing as an ogre?

No, they come from fairy tales.

Is there another way the tooth fairy can come?


Does a tooth fairy come to apartments?

they do not exist

Where does green fariy dust come from?

There is no such thing as green fairy dust or fairy dust. It doesn't exist.

When does the movie barbie a fairy secret come out?

Barbie and a Fairy Secret Comes Out to theaters In Spring 2011.