What time does citi trends close?

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What time does citi trends close on Sundays?

citi trends close i belive around 8:00 on Sunday

What time does citi trends open on Saturday?

a citi trend store opens at 9,10,11,or12 am,pm it depends wat citi trends

What time does citi trends open?

It opens at 9:30 am on weekdays

How do you get to citi trends application?

I really need help with completing citi trends application can you help me please ?

How old do you have to be to work at citi trends?

I thank u should be able to work at citi trends at the age of 15

Is citi trends open on black Friday?

yes absolutely, citi trends is open on black friday and the sales are crazy.

Is citi trends open Christmas?


Does citi trends sale backpacks?


Is Citi Trends open on Sunday?

Noo only

Citi Trends Sunday hours?

mon.-fri. 9am. -9pm.

What retail stores sell apple bottom shoes?

citi trends

Where can you find skinnie jeans for kids?

WalMart,Target, and Citi Trends

Is citi trends open on Easter 2011?

Never open on Easter

In which city can you find the white horse?

you can find citi trends in greenville sc,

Do you have a Citi Trends clothing store in taxes?

Yes I Know For A Fact In Fort Worth

How much does a pair of jeans cost at citi trends?

their sales are 9.99 They are having one now

Can you return something you bought at one citi trends store to another citi trends store?

I bought some shorts from cititrends in . they are too little for my son. He never wore them the tag was taken of one pair. the other pair have the original tag.Is it possible to exchange them for another size?

In 2007 ruff ryders sold its license to its former clothing line to what national retail chain?

Citi Trends

How fo you file a complaint about Citi Trends?

I would like to know as well how you file a complaint. I visited family over the Derby weekend in Louisville, KY and had my purse stolen. I tracked down the transaction locations( Citi Trends on 2809 W. Broadway, Louisville, Ky 40211). However when I discussed this with Kelly at Corporate Citi Trends they advised me that it is not their policy to check IDs when credit cards are used. She said that the bank will request they pay the money back; in which they have an "Escrow" account already set up for "things of this nature". This was a ridiculous and non-empathetic excuse. This has caused some financial issues that will be fixed once the bank investigates. However I feel that Citi Trends should change their policy to include ANY time someone uses a credit card and has to sign for a purchase to show ID. It only makes sense. And then noone has to go through trying to get your Identity back as I have.

Where can a Citi premier pass be purchased?

A Citi premier pass can be purchased from the following places: Citi Cards, Citi Bank, Citi Premiere, Citi Elite, Expedia, Credit Karma, and CitiBridgeTrack .

Where should i find up to date fashion trends at which store would you say?

Citi trend is a good store, they always have the lastest fashions for such good prices

When do citi trend close today?

1 o'clock Monday to Friday 12 o'clock Saturday and Sunday

What shows trends over time?

A line graph shows changes (or trends) over time.

Is citi personal wealth management part of citi holdings or citicorp?

Citi Personal Wealth management is part of Citi-Holdings not Citicorp.

Can a 15 year old get a job at Citi Trends in Fayetteville NC?

Your not allowed to unless your are 16 but some states will not hire you at any fashion/clothing store til you are 18.

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