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NYSE trading floor opens at 630AM and closes at 1AM (EST)

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What time does the Indian stock market open and close every day?

9.30 am

Is the market open on presidents day?

no, the market is close

What time does the US bond market open?

9:30am Open - 5:00pm Close (New York)

What time does the stock market open and close?

The stock market is open from 9:30 am until 4:30 pm Monday through Friday except during holidays or on rare occasions when the government decides to close the market to stabilize trading.

What time does the stock market open and close Jan 2?

full day The stock market is closed on January 2, 2012

What time does the European stock market open and close every day?

The European stock markets open at 10 AM Central European Time and close at 4:30 PM Central European Time. There are several stock markets within Europe.

What time does Netto market in Germany open and close?

Well come round at 8 for of curry and bef with cheese

When does the stock market close each day?

what time does the stock marketclose

What time does the commodity market close?

it does not close because if one market in the world is closed for a particular commodity, in the mean time the another market will be opned.

What time does Whole Foods market close?

Some stores never close like they are always open 24/7 because it is all about that money you know.

What time does Macy's close today?

What time do macys close

Market basket open on Christmas Eve?

Yes they open at 6am and close at 7pm

Is market basket open on Easter?

yes market basket is open but for a short time

Is the stock market open on Presidents' Day?

The stock market does in fact close on Presidents' Day. It is one of ten holidays that they close for. It is an American holiday and the stock market respects it so they close.

What time the museum its open and time close?

that depends on which museum, unless all museums open and close at the same time right?

How do you get money on zombie farm?

You can click on the zombie, then press on the "i" button. Then close it and open the market. Close that and then open up your storage. Close that and then invade. Then get a life, and watch the money pile in.

Is the stock market open on Christmas Eve?

Yes, though it does close early. The stock market closes at 1:00 pm Eastern Time on Christmas Eve. has a full listing of holiday market closures.

How Is Cuba Different From Brazil?

Cuba Comunist, Didator, Close market Brazil CApitalist, Republic, Open Market

What time does the market close December 31st?

at 10 the markets will be close...........<3

What time does the sensex open and close GMT?

hi, sensex Opening Time- 9.30 AM (as per Indian time) Closing Time - 3.30 PM (including Post market its 4.00 PM) Vanathi

What time does Nordstrom Rack open?

what time you close

What is time does wimpy close in watney market?


Where can you find an accurate open close high and low for a currency for each of the currency markets?

The FX market is OTC (Over The Counter) and as such, exact OHLC is not available. In addition, as the market is (mostly) 24 hours, there is no defined open or close as you would observe in, say, a stock market.

What time does the stock market close on 12-30-11?

The Stock Market closes at 4PM EST on 30 December, 2011 and will be open for a full day on 3 January 2012.

What time does the new york stock exchange currently open and close?

= What time does the new york stock exchange currently open and close? =