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What time is brunch usually served?


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Brunch can be served between 10am and 12pm. In saying this, cafes and restaurants also offer brunch based dishes into the afternoon, especially on Sundays. Although some think brunch may end at 11am, many restaurants have been known to stretch it out even until 1pm.


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Brunch is a late breakfast or early lunch, usually eaten after a lazy lie in at weekends, so bacon, eggs, sauted potatoes, tea and toast would be a good example of brunch.

Brunch is a meal between lunch and breakfast so most items served are like finger food or hors d'oevres, nothing too heavy is served. Most items are light and one or two bites.

There are many good items that one could serve at a Christmas brunch. The best things that are traditionally served at a Christmas brunch would be ham or turkey.

The best Thanksgiving brunch in McHenry county, and indeed anywhere else, is served at home. A home made brunch is hard to beat. The food tends to be made fresh and served hot. In between, it isn't prepared earlier, frozen, thawed, and then heated.

Some finger foods that are served at brunch are cookies, scones, mini muffins, fruit, and potato wedges.

Brunch is a late breakfast or early lunch, usually eaten after a lazy lie-in at weekends.

It is a Mexican/Spanish brunch that is served until 10 a.m.

Lunch. Brunch is more about at a 10:00 time.

At a hotel.. usually between 6 and 11

The difference between brunch and breakfast is that breakfast is just a meal in the morning - followed by lunch, followed by tea etc. But brunch is a late breakfast, and is a combination of breakfast and lunch - you usually have brunch instead of lunch and breakfast.

Brunch is typically served between the hours of breakfast and lunch. Later than breakfast, but earlier than lunch. They took the "B" from breakfast, dropped the "L" from lunch and created the word "brunch". A great thing for those of us who like to sleep in!

The Tagalog word for brunch is also brunch.

Mexican food is served mostly hot. They eat with cutlery and plates. Most families eat 3 meals a day, but it varies sometimes they eat 4 The main meal of the day is Lunch, not dinner. They usually have breakfast, (sometimes brunch) ,lunch and dinner.

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brunch is used during the times 11-1 because its lunch and breakfast almost at the same time.

A brunch is a breakfast you have at lunchtime.

It is usually served as a starter course.

Let's brunch! The Castaway restaurant is renowned for their brunch menu.

there's no word in italian for brunch, in italian is also used brunch for describe this meal

brunch, early meal, or morning meal

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Brunch recipe cookbooks can be easily found at Barnes and Noble and Books-a-Million. Well received titles include; 101 Breakfast and Brunch Recipes, Bubby's Brunch Cookbook, and Easy Breakfast and Brunch.

Continental breakfasts are usually served between 7:00 AM until 10:00 AM, but times may vary according to the establishment.

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