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What time is curfew for Marysville Ohio?

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{| |- | Curfews Union County MarysvilleMonday - Thursday 2300 - 0430 2300-0430Friday Night - Saturday 0000- 0430 2300-0430Saturday Night - Sunday 0000- 0430 2300-0430Dusk to Dawn for those under 12 years of age |}

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What is curfew for newark,ohio?

What time is curfew for newark ohio

What time is curfew for Allen County Ohio?

what time is curfew for 15 year olds in westerville ohio?

What time is curfew for Madison Township in Ohio?

Curfew is 11 PM.

What is the most haunted place in Marysville Ohio?

marysville infermary

What time is curfew in Fairborn Ohio?


What time is curfew for Dayton Ohio?


What time is curfew in Lorain Ohio?


What is the ending curfew time for lancaster Ohio?

Age ??

What time is curfew for Austintown Ohio?

Curfew is 11 pm for minors. It was set by the Township Trustees.

What time is curfew for mount vernon Ohio?

Curfew for children under the age of 18 in Mount Vernon Ohio is 11P.M. until 6A.M.

Who is the mayor of Marysville Ohio?

Christiane W. Schmenk is the Mayor of Marysville, Ohio! This is from the home page..."As a Marysville native, I am proud to call Marysville home and am proud to be your Mayor. My job is to serve you, the citizens of Marysville. If you need help from your City, please feel free to email me at hanks for calling Marysville your home."

What time dose curfew end in Ohio?

5 or 6

What time is curfew for lancaster Ohio?

10 pm and 6am

What is the curfew for Sylvania Ohio?

no curfew(not that i know of)

What time is curfew for Poland Ohio?

Well, apparently its 10 PM.

What time is curfew for Hudson Ohio?

Your local police department can answer that question.

What time is curfew in Hilliard Ohio?

I just checked, it is from midnight to 6AM

What is the curfew in miamisburg ohio?

2300 hours standard military time.

What is curfew in Strongsville Ohio for a minor?

what is the curfew law for 13 yr olds in strongsville ohio

What time is curfew for alliance Ohio?

The curfew for 13 year olds is 1am

What time is curfew for westerville ohio?

9 pm, or 7 pm in winter.

What is the curfew in Alliance Ohio?

The curfew in Alliance Ohio is midnight for teenagers age 16 to 18. The curfew is 1030 pm for teenagers age 13 to 16.

What is the time curfew for North Ridgeville Ohio?

i do know that when you are 15-17 years of age the curfew is 11pm. i am 16 years old so.. actually curfew for under 16 is 11pm curfew for 16-17 is 12pm

Where is the 2010 Honda gold wing manufactured?

Marysville, Ohio

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marysville Ohio USA