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It can be either 7 AM GST or 10 PM GST depending on to which EST you are referring.

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What is 1pm pst in eastern time?

If it is 1pm PST it is 4pm EST

What time is 1300 est?

1300 est = 1pm Eastern Standard Time

What is 1pm est in Houston?

At 1pm est, it would be 12 noon in Houston.

What is 0800 est in London time?

American EST is 1pm in London, Australian EST is 11pm (the previous day).

What time is 1pm EST in INDIA?

If it is 1:00 PM EST it is 10.30 PM in India.

What is the equivalent time 1PM EST for IST?

11:30 PM -IST (IndianStandard Time)

What time is it EST when it's 1PM CET?

There are two different time zones abbreviated EST. 1 PM CET = 7 AM EST in North America and 10 PM EST in Australia.

If it's 9pm est in the US what time is it in Sydney Australia?

Sydney is 16 hours ahead.. if it is 9PM EST in USA.. It will be 1pm in Sydney

If its 1 pm est what time is it in Philippines?

The Philippines is in PHT (UTC+8). If it is 1pm EST (UTC-5), then it is 2am PHT. The Philippines do not observe daylight savings, whereas EST moves forward one hour. During these months, 1pm in EST would be 1am in PHT.

What time in Australian EST is August 21 2007 1pm EDT?

AEST (or GMT+10) is fifteen hours ahead of EST (GMT-5) outside of daylight saving months and fourteen hours ahead during daylight savings as AEST does not observe but EST does. Therefore, in August when it is 1pm in the EST timezone it is 3am, the following day, in AEST.

What is 730 ET in Dubai?

Dubai is in Gulf Standard Time, which is 8 hours ahead during EDT, and 9 hours ahead during EST. During EDT: 7:30 am Eastern time is 3:30 pm in Dubai 7:30 pm Eastern time is 3:30 am in Dubai During EST: 7:30 am Eastern time is 4:30 pm in Dubai 7:30 pm Eastern time is 4:30 am in Dubai

What time is 1pm est in London?

The time in London is 5 hours ahead Eastern time. If it is 1:00 p.m. Eastern time, the time in London is 6:00 p.m.

What is 1pm eastern time in mountain time?

1pm eastern time is 11am mountain time. The mountain time zone is 2 hours behind eastern time.

What time is it in Detroit when it is 1pm Pacific time?

It is 4pm in Detroit when it is 1pm Pacific time.

1pm in eastern time is what in central time?

1pm in eastern time is 12 noon in central time

When is cnet live on?

Thursdays at 4 pm Est, 1pm pst and 11 am hawian

At 9AM EST what time is it in London England?

From the last Sunday of March until the day before the last Sunday of October, when it's 9 AM EST, it's 3 PM or 15:00 BST in London. During the rest of the year, when it's 9 AM EST, it's 2 PM or 14:00 GMT in London.

What time is it in Saudi Arabia if it is 1pm ET in the US?

If it is 13:00 EST it should be 21:00 in Saudi Arabia. Saudi Arabia is GMT +3

If it's 1pm est what time is it in other US time zones?

It would be:Hawaiin~Aleutian-8 amAlaska-9 amPacific-10 amMountain-11 amCentral-12 pm

What time in the UK is 1 EST?

The UK is five hours behind the east coast of America. So 1pm EST would be 8am UK time. The only time this changes is when daylight savings time starts and ends as the two countries change the clocks a week apart.

What is 1pm EST in UK Time?

6pm. The EST timezone is GMT-5 and the UK in in GMT, meaning the UK is five hours ahead. Both timezones mvoe forward one hour during daylight savings.

What is 9 AM EST in UAE?

5 pm dubai time. Add 4 minutes to Abu Dhabi and minus 6 minutes for Fujairah

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