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The EST timezone is GMT-5 while the CDT is GMT-6. This means Central is one hour behind Eastern. Therefore 12pm EST is 11am CDT.

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Q: What time is it in central time at 12pm est?
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What time is 12pm est in BRT?

12pm eastern time in America would be 5pm british time

What time is it in cst time if it is 12pm est?

At 12 noon EST, it's 11 AM CST.

What time is it cst time if its 12pm est time?

At 12 noon EST it's 11 AM CST.

If it is 1 pm EST what time is it in CST?

It is 12pm CST

What time is 12pm est in PST?

12 PM EST = 9 AM PST , 12 PM is noon , not midnight

If it's 12pm EST in the US what time is it in Melbourne Australia?

2 am, the next day.

What time in Australia ricky hatton fight?

Coverage starts at 12pm EST. Robert

3pm eastern time is what time in pacific time?

12pm PST is 3pm EST reference: http:/

What is 1 pm EST in AST?


What is 2 pm central daylight time in the pacific daylight time?

12pm - central time is 2 hours ahead of pacific. 12pm pacific is: 1pm mountain time 2pm central time 3pm eastern time (and 10am in Hawaii and 11am in Alaska)

Date and time of presidential inauguration?

I believe it's at 12pm EST 1.20.09. Go Obama!

What time is 12pm est in Indonesia?

12 PM Eastern Standard Time (EST; UTC-5) = 12 AM Western Indonesian Time (WIB; UTC+7) = 1 AM Central Indonesian Time (WITA; UTC+8) = 2 AM Eastern Indonesian Time (WIT; UTC+9)

9AM Central time is what time EST?

It would be 10AM EST.

What time is 2pm central in EST?

2 pm central would be 3 pm in EST

What time will 12pm pst be in central time?

2 PM CST and 3 PM CDT

What time is it in California if its 12PM central time?

10 'clock am it is two hours behind us

If its 9am through 12pm what time is in central time?

The answer depends on where it is 9 am through 12 pm.

What time is 9am est in CET?

9 AM EST in Australia = midnight Central European Time 9 AM EST in North America = 3 PM Central European Time

If it is 11 EST what time is it Central Time?


What time is 3 EST in central time?


Is Chicago on EST?

No. Chicago is on Central time.

What time is 300 EST in central time?

3:00 EST is 2:00 CST.

What time is 12 am est in central time?

It would be 11:00 PM in Central Time.

What is 6am central to eastern time?

7 am EST = 6 am Central

What time will the US 7pm Est be with European central time?

Time will be 6pm European central time