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A siesta can be taken anytime during the day but typically it is when the sun is at it's hottest so anytime between 12 and 2pm and often after lunch. If you are visiting a foreign country that has a siesta, the siesta starts about a quarter of an hour before you get hungry. So when you want to buy some food or have a mid-day meal, all the shops, cafes and restaurants are closed because it is siesta time. The siesta continues until you are no longer hungry, but all the shops, cafes and restaurants have re-opened. For more information, see Related links below.

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Q: What time is siesta?
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What time is siesta time in Italy?

Siesta time is from 12pm to 2pm where people in Italy usually eat or sleep. In fact the word siesta means nap in italian and spanish

About what time to Spanish people have a siesta?

Siesta is a ""midday rest", it is taken in the early afternoon.There are two periods of siesta in Spain - siesta for shops and businesses, during which time people go to a bar or restaurant (approx. 2pm until 5pm), and then siesta for the bars and restaurants (4pm until about 8 or 9pm).

What is the tradition name in spanish la siesta?

la siesta = hottest part of day; nap at this time; church music at this time

What are the release dates for Sinbad Jr- - 1965 Siesta Time?

Sinbad Jr- - 1965 Siesta Time was released on: USA: 1965

What time does a siesta start and end?

Usallly in Menorca (a baleric island) a siesta begins around 1 and then ends about 3 o'clock. During a siesta all shops close.

What is 'a siesta' when translated from Spanish to English?

La siesta is the time of day when mystery and unilateralism become one

What do Spaniards call a siesta?

They call it a siesta. "Siesta" is a Spanish word.

How far is Venice fl from siesta key?

About 30 minutes driving time. Venice is very close to Siesta Key.

What is the topic in siesta?

Siesta is a nap

What are siestas?

A "Siesta" is nap taken during lunch time.

What is the siesta of the other country?

a siesta is a nap

How do you use 'siesta' in a quotation?

"After lunch, I like to take a siesta" (i.e.a nap)

Is siesta relevant to the modern day Filipino?

Yes. The modern day Filipino needs siesta. It's just that they may not have time to do it because of their hectic schedule.

Why was Santa Anna caught by surprise in the San Jacinto?

It was siesta time

When did Sam Houston order his attack?

At siesta time and the ploy worked.

What is the plural of siesta?

The plural form of siesta is siestas.

What is siesta in Australia?

Siesta is not a term used in Australia.

What are the customs for a siesta in Italy?

Siesta is a custom from Spain.

Is a siesta a animal?

No. Siesta means nap in Spanish.

What is siesta essay by leopoldo serrano?

essay about siesta

Who introduce siesta to the Filipino?

The Spaniards introduce siesta to the Filipinos.

Who inroduced siesta in Filipino?

Siesta was introduced by the Spaniards to the Filipinos.

How do you use siesta in a sentence?

Siesta is a Spanish word meaning sleep or nap.I'm pooped, I gotta take a siesta.My favourite part of Mexican culture has to be the siesta.After dinner it is common to take a siesta, and the whole town seems to close down.

What does la siesta mean?

It is spanish for "the nap". In some countries it refers also to the period of time after lunch and before starting the afternoon shift, the 'nap time' not the nap itself, as i.e. 'nos encontramos a la siesta' (we meet at nap time).

Who introduce the siesta to the filipino?

The spanish did during the time Spain took them over