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Q: What time of the year are chameleons born?
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How do chameleons take care of their live born young?

They don't. Chameleons are a reptile and reptiles don't parent their young.

How many babies does a chameleon have at a time?

how many babies do chameleons have at one time

What time of the year are kittens born?

Kittens can be born any time of the year.

What food do chameleons eat?

chameleons eat insects,and chameleons are insectivores

Do chameleons noturnal?

Chameleons are NOT nocturnal.

Are chameleons territorial?

are chameleons territorial

How and what do chameleons poo?

chameleons reproduce

Who is the chameleons predator?

Snakes are chameleons main predator because chameleons are defenseless.

How many babies do chameleons have at one go?

one baby is born

Which animal can see in 2 different directions at the same time?


What lizard can move its eyes in to different directions at the same time?

Chameleons can

Are chameleons hard to take care of?

if you do your research ahead of time it is not hard

Are chameleons carnivorous?

yes chameleons are carnivorous but they will only eat other chameleons to survive

How do chameleons typically behave?

Chameleons are usually very curious. They move around all the time and when they see a predator they blend in to things to the predator can not find them.

How do chameleons reproduce?

chameleons lay eggs.

What are chameleons predatores?

The chameleons predators are snakes

What are the chameleons with horns called?

Jackson chameleons

When was The Chameleons created?

The Chameleons was created in 1981.

How are reptiles like chameleons?

Reptiles is a classification, whereas Chameleons are a species. Chameleons are a species of reptile.

Are there any captive breeding of bearded pygmy chameleons in the US currently?

Fl Chams breeds and sells chameleons to anywhere in America. They sell and breed Panther Chameleons, Veiled Chameleons, Premium Veiled Chameleons, Translucent Veiled Chameleons, Jacksons Chameleons, Pygmy Chameleons, Carpet Chameleons, Other Chameleon Species. I know about them but I checked their site many times and they had wc only when available

Are chameleons amphibians?

Chameleons happen to be reptiles, not amphibians.

Are chameleons vegetarian?

No. Chameleons eat bugs which are not vegetarian.

What are a chameleons enemies?

Some lemurs can eat chameleons.

What is happening to the chameleons habitat?

the chameleons live in a forest

Do chameleons live in Brazil?

Chameleons do live in Brazil.