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Passover falls some time in March or April on the Western calendar.

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Q: What time of year is Passover celebrated?
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When is passover celebrated?

passover is celebrated this year (2012) on the 6th of april and finishes on the 14th

What time of year was the Passover celebrated during the time of Jesus?

Passover has always been celebrated in the Spring - there is a Biblical commendment to have the Passover feast in the springtime. It usually falls sometime in April, but is sometimes in late March as well.

What time of year is the passover celebrated?

Mid-Nisan, which occurs in April or late March.

Was Jesus celebration of the Last Supper really his celebration of the Jewish Passover?

Yes. His Last Supper was at the time of year at which Passover is celebrated.

What time of day was the first Passover celebrated?


Where is passover celebrated?

Passover is celebrated in the home, everywhere Jews live.

What year did the second Passover occur?

Officially it was the year after they left Egypt, but it wasn't celebrated.

When is Passover for Jews?

Passover begins on the 15th of Nissan in the Jewish calendar (this year the 6th of April), and is celebrated for about a week.

Is Passover always celebrated at the same time?

Passover is always celebrated at the same time on the Hebrew calendar, the 15th of Nisan. However, the Hebrew and Western calendars are not the same so Passover falls on different dates on the Western calendar.

When during the Passover holiday is Passover celebrated?

The whole time. matzah is eaten with marror( bitter herbs) and more!

What historical event is celebrated by the Passover what year did it take place in?

Freedom from slavery.

When did Jesus celebrated the Passover?

Every Passover that he was alive.

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