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Valentines Day, followed by Christmas

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Q: What time of year is the most chocolate sold?
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How many chocolate bunnies are sold worldwide each year?

Ninety million chocolate Easter bunnies are produced each year.

How much chocolate is sold worldwide each year?

a lot

How many pounds of chocolate are sold on valentines day?

You cant really get a same answer for each year of chocolates sold. most stores cant even put a number to how much they sold, so they wont know how much each chocolate watever is weighed unless they take every single box and weigh it and no one wants 2 do that. it wastes time!

How much chocolate is sold per year in the US?

That depends on what your talking about.

How many chocolate chip cookies are sold per year?


How many Hershey chocolate bars are sold each year?


What year was the first chocolate bar made in?

The first wrapped chocolate bar was sold in 1910 by the Ganong Brothers company.

How many chocolate bars are sold each year?

over 5 million

How many chocolate covered strawberries are sold every year?

about 12 million

How many chocolate chips are sold each year at Nestle?

3 million

How many chocolate bars and sold each year in the UK?

there are a lot over a billion

How many boxes of chocolate are sold every year around Valentines day?


Which contient eats the most chocolate?

Well Switzerland consumes the most chocolate per year,as for continent I do not know.

How many times round Britain would all the chocolate button sold in a year go?


How much milk chocolate is sold each year?

About 90 million pounds of chocolate candy is sold the week before Halloween. A little over 70 million pounds the week before Easter. A lot of kids like them!

How many games are sold each year?

it matters most of the time 50,000,000 other times its alot lower

How much time passes in Charlie and the Chocolate Factory?

charlie & the chocolate factory passes a year.

What month is the most cars sold in?

Most cars are sold in summer holiday's because most people don't work in the holiday's and they usually save up money from the year so JUNE JULY AND AUGUST are the best time

How many heart-shaped boxes of chocolate will be sold for valentine's day?

Hard to say. it changes every year.

What can an an eleven year old sell?

When i was 11 i sold bakery on a corner store and chocolate....candy anything simple

How much chocolate is sold on Valentine's Day in the past 10 years?

More than 36 million boxes of chocolates are sold each year for Valentine's Day.

What is the most sold album in the year of 2010?

Wait for the year to be over.

What was the most expensive Klimt painting ever sold year painted who sold it year it was sold how much it was sold for?

The Adele Bloch-Bauer I painted in 1907 and sold in 2006 by Ronald Lauder for $135 million

What country consumes the most chocolate per year?


What was the most popular chocolate last year?

Turkish delight