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What time will it be in 3 4 hours?


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May 12, 2012 9:47PM

what your asking is illogical for this site but if you must know.... if in 3-4 hours it will be 1pm if 34 hours then 4pm the next day

3 4 hours would be 12 hours. If you are in the AM, same time PM same day. If you are in PM, same time Am next day. Another approach would be to consider if a person is traveling. Then the time zones would play into effect subtract one for each time zone traveled westwardly, add one for each time zone traveld to the east then add 3 4 hours (12 hours) as above, depending on AM or PM.

Still another response would be for Military (24 hour) set clocks. Before 1200 would be same day, just add 12 hours. After 1200 would be into the next day. Example 1400 would equal 2600, so that would be 2600 minus 2400 (one day.) The time would be 0200, next day.