What tissue perfussion?

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Q: What tissue perfussion?
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Nursing diagnosis on ventricular septal defect?

innefective tissue perfussion

What would cause ineffective tissue perfussion?

Occlusion that leads to blood supply

What are the nursing diagnosis for bell's palsy?

pain and numbness r/t tissue perfussion

What are the 4 critical life functions?

Ventilation, oxygenation, circulation, perfussion

How do you diagnose a pulmonary emboli?

I believe a contrast Computed Tomography scan is the gold standard; I've also seen Ventilattion/Perfussion (V/Q) scans done too, amongst others.

What does the myocardial perfussion scan show?

A myocardial perfusion scan assesses the flow of blood to the heart when it's stressed by exercise or medicine. It's performed through injecting thallium into a vein in the arm or hand before the scan.

Is the muscle tissue superficial to the epidermal tissue?

Muscle tissue is deep to epidermal tissue. Epidermal tissue is superficial to muscle tissue.

What is the possessive noun for tissue?

The possessive form of the noun tissue is tissue's.

What tissues are in a chicken wing?

some tissue in a chicken wing is a bone tissue, muscle tissue, tendon tissue, cartilage tissue, ligament tissue, flexor and extensor tissue, and the joint tissue!

What are the major categories of animal tissue?

epithelial tissue, connective tissue, muscle tissue, nervous tissue

For main groups of animal tissue?

Muscle tissue, nervous tissue, epithelial tissue and connective tissue

Four types of human tissue?

Epithelial tissue, nearve tissue,connective tissue,muscal tissue!

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