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What to Redneck men look for in Redneck girls?

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They want them to be rough and rugged just like them. They want to know that their gal can sling a deer over her back through the woods. They want them to love riding in their mudded up truck that smells like road kill without throwing up. They want a gal that isn't afraid to walk around barefoot through the swamp. Just listen to Gretchen Wilson's "Redneck Woman" song and you will have all the criteria. Its a great tune. I love it and Im a Northener. FUN ALL THE TIME FOURWHEELERS ALL NIGHT LONG

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Do redneck boys only like redneck girls?

No not necessarily - all boys have a difference preferences.

What do men look for in girls?


What hairstyle do redneck girls like on a guy?


Why do men like nude girls?

Men like nude girls because it might give them the "Sexual Excitement" that most men enjoy. and girls look better because men like boobs and butts

Why men feel younger?

because the way they look and the girls they get.

Do all girls love pink?

No. The only girls that don't like pink are redneck or country. I love those kind of girls B)

Why do guys look at girls behinds?

because men like looking at girls behinds. it is a sexual thing. puberty will get you on that. also guys like to look at girls boobs.

Do all the good looking girl's look for looks in men?

*Facepalm* No. Only the girls that aren't sensible look only for looks in men.

Would you be a redneck if you looked for a boy or a girl at a family reunion?

Being a "redneck" has nothing to do with whether you look for a boy or girl at a family reunion.

What sex characteristics cause girls to look like women and boys to look like men?

The development of secondary sex characteristics (for example, breasts in females and facial hair in males) causes girls to look like women and boys to look like men.

What do girls like in men?

A girl always wants a good looking, handsome, understanding as well as caring husband. a girl will only look for the heart of men. but there are also girls who just look at the wealth of that person.

Why do men get girls that act or look like there wife?

Because their chemistry matches

Why don't men like cosmentic surgery girls?

Because they look odd.

Do guys like redneck girls?

There are some guys that do and some dont. This is a total personal preference.

What look does Justin Bieber look for in a girl?

He only likes men like himself! Sry! No girls allowed!!

Is it normal for men to look at girls?

That depends on what you mean by "girls" because sometimes girls is used to describe females in general. If the men and the "girls"(women) are around the same age then it can be seen as normal, but if the girls are underage then it will most likely be perceived as perverted. Also, if the men look for an extended amount of time it can be seen as either deep interest or creepiness. But all in all, it is normal for most people to look at anyone. If you're in the vicinity of people and have eyes that can see then you're probably going to "look" at someone. Even if it's not for a long time.

Do girls like wide hip bones on men?

Haha, sometimes. It makes you look more feminine, and some girls are into that (like my girlfriend), however I'm pretty sure most girls like their men to be manly.

Why do men use hair cream?

to look good it's the same as what girls use it for

How can you become a redneck?

you cant become a redneck you have to be born into it. but we all have a little redneck in us.

How do you get a sister to like you?

are you a redneck i mean u shouldn't b so bad with girls u need a sister

What is a girls body look like?

Girls are curvier than boys if they have entered puberty, before that they look the same apart from the genitals. Girls have a vulva and vagina while men have a penis. Puberty brings breasts to girls and they get armpit hair as well as pubic hair.

Is a big penis what girls like in men?

No, that would be really shallow. Many girls look for personality, manners and love the man more if he respects them.

What were the roles of women and men in ancient china?

women would stay home to look after the household, look after the kids.women and girls nerver went to school and men would be farmers and rule the household.

Do redneck guys like black girls?

I guess it is all based off preference. I am sure that there is someone for every like.

What traits do girls like in men?

We look for them to be kind, respectful, cute to our own perspective, and non perverted.

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