What to do after a seizure?

What SHOULD you do, if someone else has a seizure?

If the person falls down and becomes unconscious:

1. Note the time.

2. Clear the area, to prevent injuries.

3. Roll the person on one side, if you can without hurting anyone.

4. Shoo away any gawkers.

5. Keep an eye on the clock. If the seizure lasts longer than 5 minutes, or if there are multiple seizures in a row, then it becomes an emergency. In either case, call in paramedics (911).

6. As the seizure ends, note the clock. How long did it last?

7. You may need to help the person to a safe place to "sleep it off."

8. Write down a short report:

* Before: Any strange mouth or hand motions? Any repeated nonsense words? Did the person seem irritated, or any other strange behaviors?

* During: How long did the seizure last? What happened? Lose consciousness? Fall down? Twitch arms only, or arms and legs? Stiffen up?

* After: Groggy? How long did he/she sleep?

9. Does the person need help getting home?

10. Give that person (or paramedics) the report. Be sure it includes how long the seizure lasted.

The seizure victim probably won't remember what you tell them after a seizure. That's why a written report is so important. A detailed report of one's seizures can help improve the treatment. It can narrow down the type of seizures one is having, which can narrow down the best anti-epileptic drugs for that person.