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Victims of abuse always are recluse.

Because they feel they won't be understood or feel they will be blamed.

If you know the person is abused, u don't need her/him to admit, but you need to communicate with her/him in the most caring way, no criticizing, no sides taking, remember he/she feels blamed for it.

And when you can talk about it openly, then you can convince her/him to seek help from concern authorities.

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Q: What to do if a victim of abuse does not want to admit that they are being abused?
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Abuse and harm effects on individuals?

Abuse definitely has a strong effect on the victim. The pain that the individual receives from the abuser, whether physical or mental, has a negative influence on the way the victim lives his or her life. With physical abuse, the physical abilities of the victim may be impaired for a temporary or permanent time span. With mental abuse, the victim may suffer from depression because of the abuse he or she has been forced to deal with. Also, the victim may have low self esteem because the individual believes that he or she is being abused because of his or her worthlessness.

When was the first abuse of Jew in world war 2?

Jews were being routinely abused in Germany when the war started. The first Jewish victim in Poland is not known.

How people who harm and abuse individuals conceal what is happening?

To conceal it well, they need to have power over victim. To gain this power they spend quite a while in early stages of relationship convincing victim they are all they have and are dependant on them. Threats are common, they instill fear in the victim. Because the victim feels love for the person and believes they have noone else, they do what they are told and even help to conceal the abuse themselves. Its a mind game. I know this. I was a victim. So if you think someone is being abused, they most likely are, but will not admit it because of fear. They will even defend the abuser.

Is mental abuse a crime?

Is the individual being abused a child, incompetent or elderly? Yes, It is a crime Is the individual being abused a competent adult? No abuse (thou I would recommend a mental evaluation if such abuse is being allowed)

She got abused when she was smallso she abused him?

Yes, abuse is definitely something that is a learned behavior. That's not to say that everyone that is abused will become abusive but there is definitely a correlation between abusers being abused themselves. It's sad because in so many cases the victim becomes the abuser.

Why do victims of domestic violence stay with their abusers?

A lot of abuse victims were abused as children, so they think of it as being "normal." Another reason is that a lot of abusers are extremely manipulative. They may only start with verbal abuse, often becoming extremely apologetic afterward. They may not be frequent abusers (they'll be abusive one day, and then months go by before it happens again). Usually by the time the level and frequency of abuse increases, the abused has already been emotionally manipulated to where they feel it's their fault that they're being abused, or that they deserve the abuse. What an abuser will frequently do is isolate their victim from other people in the victim's life. By the time the victim realizes they need help, they feel they have no one to turn to. Another big reason is that, at least when it comes to emotional abuse, it can be hard to prove that you're being abused. Yet another reason is that the victim will feel extremely ashamed and not want anyone to know that they're being abused. Also another reason is that the victim may feel that if they DO try to leave their abuser, their abuser will manage to hunt them down and potentially kill them.

Is it illegal to cause emotional abuse?

Not on a general basis, but if one partner wants to get a divorce from the other they can use 'emotional abuse' as a way to get that divorce. If one is emotionally abused, it is just as bad as being physically abused (you just can't see the scars) and the victim should leave their abuser.

How does being abused as a child affect you as an adult?

You will abuse and hurt others as an adult if abused as a child.

About how many kids are abused?

According to some, every child is abused. Because if they aren't being physically, sexually or emotionall abused then they are being neglected, which is a form of abuse.

Are emotionally abused wives outgoing and social or are they victimized and secluded?

There is no single prototype of an abused spouse. Publically prominent people such as actors, politicians, and socialites have all been victims of abuse. Some victims have learned, as a coping mechanism, to put on a good front to the outside world. Even with obvious bruises or right after the abuser makes a rude comment towards them, they will smile and deny that any sort of abuse is going on. Even when the victim has a social life, she is still mentally isolated from other people--she feels she cannot admit to being abused out of fear or being seen as weak.

Are men being abuse?

what are the statistics on men being abused in the city of Philadelphia pa

What is the percent of gay boys being abused at school?

Teen boys are usually not out (though this is changing each year), and the abuse is just homophobic bullying, regardless of the sexual orientations of the victim.

How to help an abused man?

An abused man could be afraid to tell others about the abuse they are secretly suffering. If you know that he is being abused assure him that this type of abuse is not acceptable. Seek out a shelter in your neighborhood that address male abuse victims support groups.

What do animal abusement and child abusement have in common?

Animal and child abuse are issues to be taken very seriously. They both have different forms of abuse such as neglect and physical abuse. Both are happening all around the world, and many are trying to help those being abused. Please tell someone you trust if you know someone who is being abused or you are being abused.

You are a child you are being abused?

If you are being abused you should tell someone of authority like a teacher, police officer, or doctor. You should never be subjected to abuse.

Your being abused how do you control your self?

If your being abused, it needs to stop. No one has a right to abuse you. Call the police, or talk to the person abusing you see if you can make them stop. Abuse can cause depression, and other stuff that you don't need.

What to do in case of being abused?

You seek help from organizations that deal with abuse. Report to police.

Why do you regret telling about you being sexually abused?

It is very common for the victim of abuse to regret reporting it to someone of authority because the victim often blames themselves for what happened. They are not to blame! The person who sexually abused them is to blame and they had the control over you and misused that control. Once you tell someone of authority about your sexual abuse there is a lot of red tape, perhaps a court appearance and being abused is draining enough on any person and now the victim is left answering more questions; retelling their story and worrying about legal procedures. They are also second guessing themselves as to whether they were willing or the perpetrator was to blame. The latter is true and you did nothing wrong! No one will label you or look down on you and it takes courage to report abuse so you should be proud of yourself because you have probably saved someone else from being abused as you have been. There are thousands upon thousands of abuse victims so you are not alone.You should never regret it, it wasn't your fault and you did the right shouldn't feel guilty or regret it xxx

Is it possible that an abused can ended up being an abuser?

yes if someone is abused they might abuse people when there older because that's what they remember

How does physical abuse effect children?

It depends if the child itself was or is being abused, they will either forget it or remember it. 80% of children who were abused, still remember being abused. Physical abuse effects children by making them feel slightly depressed, or feel like they have to pretend to be normal. The 80% of children who recall being abused say they never talk about their feelings of their abuse or sadness, and say that they became so depressed, they began to have suicidal thoughts. Physical abuse can effect the child in a different way if its one of the parents being abused. For example, if the mother was being abused, the child would feel as if their mother were weak, or be afraid to talk with the mother. If the father were abusing the mother, the child would be afraid to have any contact with the father.

Why is child abuse a social problem?

it is a problem because it keeps on going because when they child being abused has children there is a possibility that they will abuse there children

Why are animals getting abused?

i think it's wrong, they shouldn't do animal abuse. they're over 1,000,000 animals that are being abused right now!

Can domestic abuse and Stockholm Syndrome collide Meaning can feeling guilty while being abused be called Stockholm Syndrome?

An abused person can identify with their abuser. The abuse itself would not be called Stockholm Syndrome. How the abused feels about the abuser would be Stockholm Syndrome.

How do you know if you were being abused or you were the abuser?

Answer:There are multiple types of abuse. Sexual abuse, which is the category this question was originally categorized in by the person that asked the question, physical abuse, and emotional abuse are some of the most extreme abuses.Sexual AbuseSexual abuse occurs when you are forced to have sex against your will. Sexual abuse can include acts such as oral sex, anal sex, vaginal sex, BDSM, penetration with objects, and other more extreme sexual acts. If any of this is forced on you against your will or without your consent, then it is sexual abuse. Sexual abuse can include other forms of abuse as part of the sexual abuse. Physical AbusePhysical abuse is when you are physically being hit, thrown across the room, beaten, burned, or in some other way physically hurt. Physical abuse goes beyond normal, acceptable discipline. Emotional AbuseEmotional abuse occurs when someone degrades you or humiliates you with their words and constantly tearing you down. The best way to know if you are being abused or if you are the abuser is if these things mentioned above are being done to you, then you are being abused. However, if you are doing these actions against someone else on YOUR own free will, then you are the abuser. It is also possible that you were abused and have since gone on to become the abuser. This happens occasionally where someone who was abused goes on to abuse others. It is important to note that there are cases where you are being forced by your abuser to abuse someone else. If that is the case, you are still a victim, you are not abusing that person of your own free will, you are being forced to harm them and you should not feel guilty over it. You are not to blame. You are being abused. They key is that an abuser abuses someone of their own free will. If you wouldn't have done what you were forced to do of your own free will, then you are not an abuser.Answer:There are types of abuse other than the physical violence described above. There are also sexual abuse and emotional abuse, just to name two of the worst ones. Up front, if you are being abused in any way, find some help: a school guidance counselor, a teacher, a trusted adult, or if necessary, the police. If you are abusing someone, stop right away. Don't shame yourself or feel wrong or bad; you've grown up in an environment that has made it difficult or impossible for you to make sound choices. Just stop doing it, and get some help from a therapist. A therapist can help you to heal your own scars, which will enable you to apologize to your victim(s), which will help their healing.It's possible that you could be both abused and an abuser simultaneously. If you are underage and growing up in an abusive environment, and you harm someone else, then both are true. However, if you're underage and being abused then you can hardly be expected to know how to make good choices concerning other people. If you have abused someone else then you should try not to feel guilty about it, but instead talk to a guidance counselor or therapist.

How do you know if you are being verbally abused?

If you are being sworn at, called names and things you aren't comfortable than that is verbal abuse.