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If you like her back, ask her out. If you don't like her, make sure she really actually does like you, but tell her you want to be only best friends and nothing more.

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What do you do if a girl likes you and your best friend and you like her to?

I'll satisfy my best friend that girl is not for you and girl is interested in me.

How do you ask out a girl if her best friend likes you?

It depends, do you like the other girl who likes you? if so, ask HER out. If not, then just ask out the girl you like.

What if your best guy friend likes your best girl friends but she doesnt like him How should you tell him?

Tell him she sees him like a brother , or just as a friend , or she likes someone else.

How do you be a best friends with a girl you like?

You can't because if a girl likes you as friend it will never work out..

How do you get a girl to like you if she likes your best friend?

You don't....you leave her alone immediately.

What if your best friend likes the girl that likes you?

If you like the girl back, you really need to tell your best friend. Nonetheless, even if you're sure that the girl likes you you also need to tell your best friend or he'll end up getting hurt by this situation which is extremely difficult. Be most considerate of how he feels.

What do you do if your best friend likes who you like?

stop liking the guy or girl that yall both like

What do you do when the girl you like likes your best friend?

well it depends if u really like this girl then jst go for it its not like your friend likes her too, but her your friend does like her then you to have move on ... what matters more to you your friend who's always gonna be there for you a girl that you might just possibly jst with for a short while you decide

What do you do if you like a boy but he doesn't know if he likes you or your best friend?

if he talks more to you then he likes your friend because guys are shy so they do not talk to the girl they like. So if the guy talks more to your friend then he likes you.

What do you do when a guy likes you but your best friend likes him?

Ask if you like him for him, or like him because your best friend likes him - then either ask him out, or do not.

You like someone but your friend really likes him to what do you do?

Ask the girl that she likes you or your friend

What do you do if you are a 10 year old boy and you like a 10 year old girl but she likes your best friend and he likes somebody else?

Either like a different girl,or try to get her to like you. Say, if you make it obvious that you like her, then she might like you because then she will see that your best friend doesnt like her, he likes the other person.

What do you do if you like a boy and his best friend knows but the boy you like doesn't?

Then the best friend should tell the boy that this girl likes him and after he knows the girl likes him the girl should go over and ask him out if you like him that much or make a conversataion with him so he knows that the girl really does like him and that's when they start off a relationship.

How do you get a girl to like who's best friend thinks your and idiot?

Don't let the friend get in the way if you like the girl go for it. If she likes you then the friend won't matter and maybe by dating the girl her friend won't hate you as much

How do you work things out when the girl you like best friend likes you and so the girl you like cant like you back?

Just make it clear that you don't like the best friend that way, then make it clear who you truly like.

What do you do if you like your best friend that is girl but you ask her a lot of questions about girls that are awkward?

Just ask her out. It seems like you really like her so first see if she likes you. If you're her best friend, just ask her who she likes.

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