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I have it too but I got rid of it by gragiling salt water,chewingice or even putting anything hot or cold on it. Hope it works byyyeee

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โˆ™ 2011-01-19 01:58:30
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Q: What to do if you bite your tongue?
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Why do people bite their lip or tongue?

They bite there lip when there horny there tongue by actadent

When was Bite Your Tongue - song - created?

Bite Your Tongue - song - was created in 1998.

What was the Wheel of Fortune bonus puzzle for November 23 2012?

Bite Your Tongue was the Wheel of Fortune Bonus Puzzle for November 23 2012Bite Your TongueBite Your Tongue

Why do blue tongue lizards bite other blue tongue lizards?

male blue tongue lizards will bite the female around the neck when mating. they will also bite other males when in a fight

Why do you bite your tongue while sleeping?

Some people bite their tongue while they are sleeping because they are relaxed. They can also have a bigger tongue than usual.

Do dogs bite their tongue?


Can you bite your tongue off?

I'm not sure if it is possible to bite your tongue off. What is possible, is that during a seizure you could inflict a very nasty wound on your tongue.

What does the idiom bite your tongue mean?

A person says "bite your tongue" to someone else when they feel the person has something they shouldn't. Bite your tongue means to quit talking -- You've said something you shouldn't have said.

Is tongue bite always a sign of epilepsy?

No. Anyone can accidentally bite their tongue. That is not a sign of epilepsy. You have to have recurring seizures to have epilepsy.

Why does your toe hurt when you bite your tongue?

why your toes hurt when yo bite your tongue is beacase the vibration that co-net to you toe

Do you need a tetanus after a blue tongue lizard bite?

no you dont beacause blue tongue lizards cant bite hard

Can you bite your tongue?

Yes, it can happen.

What happens when you bite your tongue?

It will bleed...

Why do you bite your tongue?

When your eating all you do is chew then the food is all gone from your mouth and then you might accidentally bite your tongue and it really hurts

Why do I have red dots on my tongue?

You can sometimes get red dots on your tongue if you bite it or burn it.

Why does your rat bite you after its licked your tongue?

It can be alarmed by the fact the tongue felt wet.

What does it mean when you bite your tongue?

It means that your teeth close onto your tongue. You tongue may start bleeding. Your teeth will not.

Do blue tongue lizards bite people?


What happens after you bite your tongue?

It swells up.

Why do epileptic people bite their tongue?

If someone is having a seizure they are not fully in control of what they are doing, so it is possible that they will accidentally bite their tongue. It is not a deliberate act and does not happen very often. In the vast majority of seizures, people do not bite their tongue.

Why does it hurt when you bite your tongue?

well i think it hurts because the tongue is attached to your brain

What causes your tongue to swell?

your tongue usually swells when it get hurt, ex. if you bite your tongue, if you are having an allergic reaction, etc.

What does it mean in your dreams and you bite your tongue?

In your dreams means that it is almost impossible. Bite you tongue means that you should really be quite or else you will get yourself in to a heap of trouble!!

Can a snake sting with its tail or tongue?

a snake can only bite. no snake can hurt you with its tail or tongue

Can you bite your tongue while having a seizure?