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If you use overdose ear drops for an acute ear infection you must consult your doctor

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Why will an area of infection go red or feel hot?

An area of infection go red and feel hot because the white blood cells gather in the area of infection and the battle commences. And more blood is directed to the area to allow more white blood cells to get to the microbes.

How long should an acute uncomplicated infection be treated?

As much as possible, it should be dealt with immediately so that it can be alleviated and cured and will not become more fatal.

What is the difference between neutrophil segs and bands?

Segs are more mature neutrophils (a type of white blood cell involved in preventing bacterial infection). Bands are more immature. Increased segs and bands (particularly bands) are often concerning for an acute (bacterial) infection

Can you use monistat one day twice for a yeast infection?

No, it is not recommended to use Monistat 1 more than once. This has the highest medication to get rid of the yeast infection in 1 day so you should use it as directed.

Do you get more ear infections if going swimming?

You can I got a ear infection because i swam all day for the entire summer and got one ear drops help

Acute not in math?

Acute is in math, more likely in the geometry area. Acute angles are angles that are less then 90 degrees.

What 2D shapes has 2 or more acute angles?

Just about any shape that isn't a circle can have two or more acute angles. But with some of them, you need to make them have acute angles.

What will be the effects if yeast infection not cured?

If you don't cure it, you will suffer acute fungal infection which will lead to lower backaches, low abdominal pain, blotting, lose of appetite and more to this list. And you can take antibiotics or fuyan pill to cure it, as it can eliminate inflammation and kill bacteria.

Why is sinusitis a contraindication to massage?

The main concern is that it is an acute stage and that usually is considered a contraindication because the body is using most of its resources to combat the infection. Massage would only add to the overload of resources at work and task the body systems even more. It is best to let the acute phase resolve to a sub-acute level, then massage can be beneficial in the healing phase.

What 2 give my dog to treat redness and wetering eys?

please call your vet first it could be an infection and you might need something more than just eye drops.

Can a triangle have more than 1 acute angle?


What is the medical term meaning common cold?

It is called by various names. Acute viral nasopharyngitis is one of the more common names. It is also referred to as rhinopharyngitis and acute coryza. It can also be called an upper respiratory infection or URI. But, it is mostly referred to as the common cold or referenced as an infection by the specific viruses that cause the common cold. Colds are usually caused by the rhinovirus (up to 40% of colds), or Coronaviruses (about 20%), but there are more than 200 viruses that can cause the common cold.

What shape has four acute angles?

Any shape with 4 acute angles must have more than 4 sides. Any shape with more than 4 sides can have 4 acute angles (but doesn't have to).

What is a triangle with 3 acute angles called?

An acute angled triangle. Nothing more, nothing less.

Can a triangle have more than one acute angle?

Yes - all three [internal] angles can be acute.

What is obtuse and acute?

obtuse is more than 90 degrees and acute is less than 90 degrees

What shapes is acute?

acute means less than 90 degrees like an angle like this < is acute and if an angle is more than 90 degrees its obtuse. :)

What is the difference between an eye drops and eye ointment?

drops are thinner and more liquidy

Is acute Appendicitis the same as Appendicitis?

Appendicitis is inflammation of the appendix. The term Acute or Chronic refers to the amount of time the condition has been occurring. Acute conditions last for less then 6 months where as Chronic conditions last for 6 months or longer. So to answer your question, yes they are the same, however saying "acute appendicitis" is a more specific term and would refer to appendicitis lasting less then 6 months. In almost all cases appendicitis is acute as the infection, inflammation and swelling of the tissue is a medical emergency in which the appendix must be removed before it bursts.

What method is more teacher-directed?

Lecturing is the educational method where the teacher directs the information.

Is the complement of an acute angle an acute angle?

A complement of an acute angle must be an acute angle. An acute angle is an angle whose measure is more than 0 degrees but less than 90 degrees. For example, even if the angle was the minimum 1 degree, the complement is still 89 degrees, which is still acute. Therefore, any combination of a complement of an acute angle MUST be acute.

What is acute sore throat?

Sore throats can be either acute or chronic. Acute sore throats are the more common. They appear suddenly and last from three to about seven days.

1. Are sour gum drops more likely to be an acid or a base?

they are more likely to be an acid

Is it safe to take methadone and NyQuil?

Yes, just be sure to take no more than directed, nor more often than directed.

What is a obtuse angle and a acute angle?

obtuse- more than 90 degreesacute-less than 90 degreesIf it is more than 90 degrees