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Tell them you are not ready for a relationship without commitment.

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Q: What to do if your boy friend loves you but doesnt want to marry you?
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Is it fair to marry a married guy who doesnt love his wife but loves you?

As long as he is married, you can't marry him. You'll have to decide after he's divorced whether you still want him.

Why does Edward want to marry Bella?

He loves her and she loves him!

Does he loves you when he doesnt want you to communicate with him anymore?


How does Juliet feel about Paris?

doesnt really like him. doesnt want to marry him

Why doesn't Juleit want to marry Paris?

She doesnt want to marry him because shes in love with romeo

Why does Juliet want to marry romeo?

Because she loves him.

How can you split your best friend and his girlfriend up?

His girlfriend loves him with all her heart and doesnt ever want to break up with him. They are both immesnsly happy :)

What if A guy loves you but you want to be his friend?

tell him

What does it mean when i guy says he doesnt want to loose you?

obviously, he loves you!

Is jay baruchel married?

no he is not he doesnt even have a girlfriend. but i want him to marry me! :)

You want to no if your boyfriend truly loves you he said he wants to marry you when im old?

If the guy says he wants to marry you, I'd say he truly loves you. If you really want to know, ask him he has prayed to Jesus Christ about you, and if Jesus Christ has told him to marry you. But, yeah, I'd say the guy loves you alright.

Can a man love you and not want marry you He went through divorce and says he doesnt want to get married and may never He says he loves me and wants me to stay?

Here the problem is as he had gone through a divorce, he might have had real bad time , and as the saying goes once bitten twice shy , he prefers to be a very good friend indeed.

What does it mean if the guy you want to be friends with doesnt want to be friends with you but still treats you like a friend?

It means yall are friends. It also means he's wack for being a stupid a** that doesnt want you as a friend but still does friend stuff and you're wack for wanting to be friends with someone who doesnt want to be friends with you. so maybe its a perfect friendship.

Why do you think Mrs.Maylie doesn't want her son harry maylie ,to marry rose?


Would a guy friend avoid you if he loves you?

I would say no. If he truly loves you he would want to be with you whenever he can.

What does it mean when she says she likes you but does not want to lose your friendship?

usually it means she wants to be with you but if it doesnt work out, she doesnt want to risk loosing you as a friend

What proof does Juliet want from romeo that he loves her?

She wants to know that he is devoted enough to marry her.

Can a Jewish woman marry a non-Jewish man who refuses to convert?

If she wants to. You can't really control what people want to do and who people want to marry. If she loves the guy she might marry him anyway.

If you are a Tamil boy who loves a Hindi girl and want to marry her should you convert to Hindi to marry her?

surely u hav to convert

Your bf has two children 10 and 7 year old he doesnt want you to sleep in his house because his children are there his children loves you and they knows that am her dad girl friend?

my boyfriend has two kids?!

What does Juliet say when she refused to marry Paris in romeo and Juliet?

She says shes too young and doesnt want to marry paris.

You want to marry a girl and love her but you are confused that she loves you or not?

You MUST be sure that she really loves you before you ask her to marry you. Not only her words but her actions must show that she loves you. She must know that you love her. If she is not sure of how you feel, she may be holding back.

Why a man tell you he just want to be friend?

Because he doesnt like you

If a boy loves a girl but he is shy to tell her that he loves her and he want to be her boyfriend what should you do?

Become her best friend, then ask her out.

What it means when an ex whos now a friend kisses you and acts like he loves you says he doesnt want you like that anymore and that you shouldnt be friends but he made the first moves?

maybe he never got over you.