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What to do if your boyfriend only likes texting you now instead of talking on the phone?


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2009-12-11 02:41:08
2009-12-11 02:41:08

tell him how you feel. tell him that you would rather like to actually talk to him instead of just reading a message. i know i would.


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He is either asking about you or he just likes her

He is probably bashing on the boyfriend and doesn't like him. He always wants to show off in front of the other guy or you. He tells you that you deserve better. He flirts with you and is constantly texting or talking to you. He gets jealous when you talk about your boyfriend. Or you can just ask him if he likes you.

You should break up with your boyfriend and get your best friends instead

You may know if the guy likes you when texting if he says he does.

if he likes to shop then get him to shop for you instead of himself

yes she she likes me the who is talking now Darriuswright

You find a cute blonde surfer boy and start talking to him about what he likes to do.

well if he asked you out then ask him why he did and ask him what he likes about you

Instead of talking to him try talking to his friends. If he keeps mentioning you to them then he likes you if not then i don't think he does.Also if he keeps looking at you in classes that s a great sign

talk to your friend and her boyfriend and try to sort things out if they don't sort things out then try talking to an adult who can help because its sometimes embarrassing if your Friends boy friend likes you instead of her

Tell them who you were talking to. Then tell him you like him back and maybe ask him to go out. :)

If they are talking more than they ever have, texting, and hanging out on weekends without you knowing . Iknow. Its happened to me before.

If he sends you a long text when talking to you instead of one word answers.

Usually if a guy text you a lot he is interested in you. But if yoy are texting, i would suggest just asking him if he likes you.

stuff he likes - try searching the internet about it befor talking 2 him.

No, it is not right to continue to text a person that really likes you, but you don't like them because it is leading them on. Instead of hurting their feelings slowly stop the texting.

It's impossible. Men are incapable of having conversations in depth with women; at least ones that are relevant. If you want to have a conversation try talking about him or things he likes instead of yourself or things he may not be interested in.

tell him to find someone who likes him and who isn't taken. be there for him and be a great friend he just might develop feelings for you instead! :)

Your boyfriend was at least honest in telling you he likes another girl and he has broken up with you so you have no right to ask him to stop texting her. He will see her despite what you want to believe. He was honest and you are simply not listening. It is heartbreaking, but you have to face the truth that he has found someone else. As much as it hurts you stop texting him and move forward in your life by getting out with friends and dating again.

you have to see if he enjoys talking to you and just sending time with you. if he just likes you for your body he wont care to talk to you or just hang out. see if he enjoys spending time with you alone, just talking:)

As long as she is not flirting with him or talking about him all the time it should be fine. Maybe you should talk to her.

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