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Some people like to go to the mall, travel, read books, do games or puzzles, answer questions on WikiAnswers or other online answer sites, engage in hobbies or personal projects, spend time with friends and family, etc..

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โˆ™ 2013-11-15 15:19:17
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Q: What to do in your spare time?
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What did people do in there spare time in the industrial revolution?

spare time, what spare time?

What is a synonym for the word spare time?

spare time = free time, leisure, unstructured time

What is the Welsh for 'spare time'?

spare time is, amser rhydd

What do pirates do in their spare time?

There is no spare time when you constantly download torrents!

What did Ludwig van beethoven do in his spare time?

on his spare time he was a rock star

What does Jason Spezza do in his spare time?

Jason spezza does your mom in his spare time.

What does Louis Sachar do in his spare time?

He likes to play tenis in his spare time.

What is listening spare time?

In spare time individuals like to listen music.

What did roman gladiators do in there spare time?

Roman gladiators had no spare time. When they did they rested.

What does zendaya like to do on her spare time?

Zendaya likes to dance in her spare time.

A sentence with the word spare?

Can you spare some time for me? I hope the spare tire is okay...

What did Gandhi do in his spare time?

In his spare time Gandhi would talk to friends and he liked to talk with his wife and kids but he didnt have alot of spare time.

What did Miguel Cervantes do in his spare time?

He wrote plays in his spare time: 20 actually.

What did hippies do in their spare time?

Most hippies only had spare time, in which they did very litle.

What does Joe Jonas like to do in his spare time?

in his spare time he releases his inner nerd

What does Harry Styles do in his Spare Time?

Harry Styles likes to get naked in his spare time.

What did the Jews do in there spare in Jesus time?

nothing. they didnt have spare time in those days.

What did Saint Anne do in her spare time?

Anne was a full-time housewife and mother and probably had little spare time.

What does an eastern caterpillar do in its spare time if it even has spare time?

You know ( ; Crawl it right up there ( :

What does alex wolff do in his spare time?

Alex plays basketball and writes songs in his spare time

What did Mother Teresa do in her spare time?

What spare time? She had little and most of that was needed for her required sleep.

How can you use spare time in a sentences?

In her spare time, she enjoys reading and gardening. He works 50 hours per week and seldomn has any spare time. Grandma clips coupons in her spare time and she's able to save several dollars each week.

What did he do on his spare time?

Barack plays a lot of golf in his spare time. He also spend a lot of time with his daughters and wife.

What do cheetahs do in their spare time?

Probably they would hunt or take care of their cubs. Spare time?? they dont have jobs. Cheetah spend their time hunting, rearing young, and defending themselves (coalitions may even patrol a territory) Spare time is a human concept. Animals do not have 'spare time'

What Does Taylor Swift Do In Spare Time?

In her spare time, she writes about her relationship, and her life. Or she will call Abigail and hang out with her.