What to do to get clean for a saliva drug test?

There are products in the marketplace specifically designed to pass a saliva drug test. These are commonly referred to as 'saliva solutions'. When selecting such a product make sure you choose a reputable company. Some things to look for are: # Do they offer a money back guarantee? # Do they answer their phone or emails? # Is the website fully functional? # If store bought is the clerk familiar with the product? A word of caution : Do not use so-called 'masking agents'. This is a sure-fire recipe for disaster as modern drug tests can detect them. Most of the saliva solutions on the market do work. However, make sure you can get in touch with someone should you need support. One such product is here, http://www.passingpisstests.com/cgi-bin/secure_ordering/cart.cgi?action=search&category=Pass%20a%20Saliva%20Drug%20Test

For additional information on salia drug testing please visit this wiki here, http://www.pass-drug-test-how-to.com/Saliva_Drug_Test