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What to do when a guy ive been talking to for 3 weeks just starts ignoring you?


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You could try just ignoring him? Depending on the type of "talking" you were involved in. You may have several options. If you were really into sharing serious personal details, you might want to drop him a simple (not mushy) card asking if everything is okay After all you would know if he is going through any major changes, or had something drastic happen in his life, and this might be a hard time of adjustment for him. So, this could be a way to offer your support, not seek it. But, on the other hand, if you were just chatting in a friendly way, and nothing more. You might leave him a message asking if you've said something insensitive or ill timed. You probably shouldn't do this more than once, if you don't get a response. You might want to consider that someone who can't be bothered to explain themselves to someone who they were developing a friendship with, might not be such a great friend. It was three weeks, and unless there is more involved on your part, you might just need to let it be after that, and see what happens. If you have more interest, you will have to be patient if he doesn't respond to any of your overtures. But you really shouldn't let it be obvious that you had any hopes for more, if he has no reaction. You should make sure to continue making friends and developing your own interests.