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touch your self or someone else.

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Q: What to do when you are horny?
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What does it mean when a girl touches your arm?

she horny! she horny! she horny! she horny! she horny! she horny!

What was nursing like during the Blitz?

so horny, horny horny horny.

Is horny a obscene word?

Horny is not a obscene word because horny is a feeling.

How do you get horny for boys?

I don't get horny for boys....they get horny for me!! Can a girl that knows what she is talking about change this answer

You want to know the exact meaning of 'horny'?

"Horny" is slang for being sexually aroused.

How do you have horny sex?

FIRST YOU GET A HORNY DICK AND A HORY VAGANA AND HAVE SEX........................but horny sex...........hahahahaha

How do you pick up chicks?

i care you horny reject!!! i care you horny reject!!! i care you horny reject!!!

What does a girl do when she is horny?

I'm so horny and normal watch videos or chat with other horny people

What do a boy do when he's horny?

Horny boys masturbate

Why did Aphrodite have affairs?

Because she was horny, very horny

When woman is horny why her nipple get hard?

yes the get horny

What is horny?

Horny, is the term used for when you are feeling sexually aroused.

What happens when you are horny?

A lot of things. Getting horny Is being inexplicably turned on, and it's usually pretty easy to get horny

Does hard nipples mean you are horny?

It can do< however there are many other reasons for this to happen. however If you dont know you are horny, then you are not horny.

How can you tell if a guy is horny?

Boner. If his penis is hard, he's horny

How are you when you start to feel horny around the boy that you like?


Does LSD make you horny?

It can for some people. Makes me ridiculously horny

What to do when your horny and you have noone?

Well I'm always horny, but my boyfriend lives in Cardiff.

Your penis is horny is that natural?

Yes. All dudes get horny easily and frequently

How do you know if you are horny?

If you are horny, you will feel a tingly sensation in your genitals, and you will have the erge to have sex.

What to do when horny and alone?

You could masturbate or do something to get your mind off of being horny.

Does horny goat weed work for women?

Yes horny goat hahaha

Does methadone make you horny?

If you're around someone who makes you horny then it will be amplified.

Do girls get horny in school?

yes all the time, everyone gets horny

Do girls like horny guys?

girls like horny guys when girls are comfortable with their sexuality or when they are lonely and will take anything. girls only like guys that are horny when they don't creep them out by being obsessve and obnoxious because they are horny.