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Say Sorry

Or if they're crappy, get a new friend!


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When you dream that a friend is mad at you, you may be worried that the friend really is mad. Or you may have a guilty conscience for something you did.

The March Hare is the Mad Hatter's friend.

Yes! she doesn't deserve you as a friend!Not really if you didnt do nothing why should you be mad? maybe shes jealous perhaps she has envy of you.

Peter's mad girl mad friend ? Could you please reword your question so it makes a modicum of sense.

at do you do when your guy friend is mad at you and says sorry is not enough?

Sit down and have a discussion about why that friend is mad at you. Appoligize, and then go hang out or do something you both enjoy.

If they are mad at you, you can talk to them. Ask them and comfort them in times of distress.

ask one of there other friends why there mad at you.

Try to ask them why or get a friend to ask them for you

I have no idea. . .you shouldn't have been mad at her in the first place. . .

even if you don't want either of them mad, your going to end up making one of them mad. so either tell your boyfriend that you like your friend, or tell your friend that you have a boyfriend.

usually the best way to find out why your friend is mad is to disguss it with them, or if they wont talk to you ask one of their friends to ask them for you.

When they are mad at you and want to show you they are mad in a kinder way.

Apologize for making them made and what ever you did to them to make them so mad.

I think you should just tell her the truth if she's a true friend she won't be mad at you and will respect you for being honest

don't hang out with them, their not a true friend if they´re mad at you for a birthday present. A true friend wouldn't be mad unless you got into a reasonable fight.

Not now. But my evil friends are!!!!!!!!

Apalogize to her/him!

probably cuz they are mad at you.

Just tell her why you were mad and why you want her back (as a friend)

If a friend is mad over a boy, just tell them that you are there for them. Say positive things and let them know that they are great,.

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