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say how much you love her

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Q: What to do when you still love your ex girlfriend and she says she loves you but she also has a boyfriend she loves to?
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Is it ok for a girlfriend to tell her ex that she still loves him while she in another relationship?

no it is not at ALL ohk because then not only does it confuse the girl and her ex but also the new boyfriend!!

Why would he tell you he loves you if he has a girlfriend?

he probably wouldn't if he i smart, but dumb people would. they also would be cheating on their girlfriend. DO NOT CHEAT ON YOUR GIRLFRIEND/BOYFRIEND. EVER! thanks for reading! bye! (P.S i am draggonessclaws101. ADD ME! :D)

How do you make you boyfriend happy?

As a boy I know that when my girlfriend says she loves me and lets me do what I want sometimes instead of seeing or txting her it makes me happy. I was also happy when my girlfriend decided not to run away.

Who is Naruto's Girlfriend?

he does not have a girlfriend but in the manga hinata expresses her love to him but he doesn't say anything also sakura still loves saskue too right bro/sis

Why does your ex girlfriend still contact you with her new boyfriend?

It might be the case that she want to be friend with you. She also might want her boyfriend to be your friend also. It depends on her totally there can be many other reasons as well.

How can you tell of your boyfriend loves you?

you can tell if you bf loves you still because he will act all silly with you and he will defend you against his bffs or your own or anyone for that matter. he will also still look at you and be jealous if his bff is talking to you and he will want to know what you where talking about. any help?

I have an ex boyfriend and we both are with someone he swears he want to be with me and he loves me how do you if its the truth?

If this guy is willing to give up his current girlfriend for you then he would of already done so . If he has , then there is a sign of truth . If he is still currently with his girlfriend and tells you he will break up with her for you .. then he is most likely to break up with you later on for another girl. This would also show how much of an unfaithful guy he could be .

Dreaming my ex boyfriend's new girlfriend is pregnant?

It may mean you still have feelings for him and so are worried about a situation in which it would be hard to get back together with him. It is okay that you still have feelings for him but also move on to.

How can you tell if your ex-boyfriend still loves you when he has a new girlfriend?

If he is taking it slow with her, it means that he still respects/loves you. Taking it slow with the new girl means that he isn't trying to change his feelings toward you and is trying to start over with her, which may be harder depending on how good you were to him, which sounds like the case. Also, if he is just being stupid around her constantly, that is probably a good sign too, since it probably means that he is not quite over you.

Is your girlfriend still interested in you if she has new girlfriend who she says shes in love with but also says she loves you and wants you 2 go 2 her new flat 4 drinks and closure?

is mygirlfriend stillinterested in me if she wants me to go and see her at her new flat for drinks and to talk about what went wrong with us .and shes telling me shes in love with her new girlfriend and that shes very happy with her but she still loves me and thinks of me now and again and she misses me ?

Does Harry Stride love Lauren Fishman?

no he loves leonie bottomley and not Lauren fishman and also not emilia crone because she already has a boyfriend not me i am leonie bottomleys boyfriend and she is my girlfriend emilias boyfriend is Henry guess we all go to redhill primary school exept from Lauren so basicly the answer is BIG BIG NO

Why wont your girlfriend introduce you to her father?

A girlfriend may not want to introduce her boyfriend to her father, because they do not get along. The girl may also be embarrassed of her boyfriend or father.

How can a girlfriend trust her boyfriend?

A girlfriend can trust her boyfriend by asking him if she can or be testing to see if she can. A girlfriend can set up some simple experiments by saying things that she already knows is true and then testing to see if her boyfriend is honest with her. Also, trust takes time and if the girlfriend has lost her trust in her boyfriend then he's got to get it back. Or he will be costing their relationship, big time.

How do you know if your boyfriend loves you though he wants to make you always jealous?

i will know if my boyfriend loves me though he wants me to jealous because he also wants to if i also love him if I've jealous about i really love him if not i did'NT love him that's why

What does it mean when your ex boyfriend still calls you while he has another girlfriend?

* Unfortunately, he's using you. He is with his girlfriend, but wants to keep you in the picture just in case the relationship doesn't work out. He is curious as well to find out if you are dating. Oddly enough when some couples breakup one or both can certainly date and go with whom they want, but, they don't want to see their partner dating. Tell this guy to take a hike! If he loves you he'd be with you and also, he's cheating on his girlfriend!

What if your girlfriend is sending a text message to her boyfriend that she loves?

Then, unfortunately, it would seem that you really do not have a girlfriend. If I were you, I'd look for another relationship with someone who is more available and also wants a relationship with you. You deserve more and you will find more, just keep looking for the right person until you find them.

How can you tell if your boyfriend still loves his ex girlfriend?

he talk about him often this happened to me , if i mention her name or anything or ask anything about her he tells me to shut up and dont talk stupid and if he wont delete the phone number also if he calls her names but then sits in silence thinking hes thinking about her its a cover up it happened to me x

Does inuyasha hate kikyo?

No, he still loves her, but also loves kagome.

Why does your boyfriend choose to spend time with his friends over you?

A boyfriend may choose to hang out with friends more than his girlfriend, because he may like them better. The boyfriend may also be annoyed with his girlfriend and wants to get away from her.

What character does Kristen cast like?

she loves Edward but she also loves Jacob I'm not sure if she loves anyone in the cast in real life her boyfriend is Micheal Angrano

What is Hollywood Heights about?

Its about a girl who loves a rockstar and she is a good singer. The rock star has a singing contest and she wins and they fall in love. There is also his girlfriend. She is a liar and she is mean and they almost get married and they break up. Because she was sleeping with her ex-boyfriend.

What is the description of a boyfriend?

A boyfriend in modern times is a romantic partner. Having a boyfriend ss teemo be trendy nowadays. A boyfriend is also allowed to physically and emotionally interact with his girlfriend.

Who does dappy from n dubz love?

Dappy loves his girlfriend Kaye but also loves his 2 children, his family, friends and ALL his fans

What is an X?

X is a letter. It is also short for ex, which is a former boyfriend/girlfriend.

What do you do if you have a boyfriend but he also has another girlfriend and you know about it?

Breakup with him? You deserve WAY better.