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well usually he would only go on a date with you

if your friends going too

that doesnt help at all....

i would say be happy for your friend im as well going through this sad situation. but let him go, think of all the bad stuff in them. think of everything bad they have done. and also think of other guys. theres plenty of guys out there.... i know this is very hard because its not the first time i like someone and he ends up liking my friend. but just as i got over the other guy by thinking of all the bad things and stuff i dont like about him and started talking to someone else. i think its the best way to stop liking him!

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What should you do if a girl likes her best friends crush and the crush likes her but not her best friend?

BE HONEST. It sucks,( for your friend) and it awkward for you but in the end it's better to tell your best friend. Maybe the crush has a friend for your besty

How do you know if your crush likes your best friend?

by the way your crush acts and looks around your friend

How do you find out that your crush likes you?

you ask your crush's best friend to ask your crush who your crush likes(it may not work but just try)

How do you handle things if your best friend is crushing your boyfriend/crush and he maybe likes her back?

- How do I deal with my crush on one of my best friends? ... How do I tell my best friend that I have a crush on her crush? ... (there may be exceptions..) . ... nice person and be ready to be supportive of your best friend if she likes your crush back. ... But remember crush is very different thing from love although it's a good thing.

What will you do if your crush has a crush on your best friend?

You can ask the person directly that is your crush. If he likes the other person then you can't do much about it.

What should I do if your best friend like your crush?

See who your crush likes more but stay just as good of friends with your best friend no matter what the results are.

What to do if you think your crush likes you but kind of likes your best friend?

Ask your friend if she's seen your crush staring at her or something like that...this next suggestion is terrible, but maybe you should ask him if he likes her....?

What to do if you like your best friend's crush?

if there is a chance of your friend being with their crush back off if there is not or only a small chance or their crush likes you then tell your friend i told my best friend she was fine with it i mean its only a crush its not like they are actually dating

What do you do when the person your best friend has a crush on likes you?

tell your best friend and make them all jealous and then love yourself to pieces!

What should you do if your crushes best friend likes you?

Go out with him or your crush, or both if possible

What does it mean if your crush asked your friend out?

that your crush likes your friend more. or might try to use your friend to get to you. but i think the first answer is more credible. it means your crush probobly likes your friend

What do you do when your crush likes your best friend but you liked your crush before your best friend started to like him?

If your best friend doesn't know you like your crush than tell her how you feel about it. what you can also do is tell your friend that you liked him first or tell him to decide between you two. or you can also share him. or you or your friend can move on.

What if the friend of your crush tells you that you crush likes you?

Be sure that it's a friend you can trust.

What do you do your boyfriend has a crush on by best friend?

ask him if he still likes you and if he had a crush on her then why did is he your boyfriend he's probably trying to make you jelous

What should you do if your crush likes your friend?

well if you want to be a good friend ask if the friend likes your crush...if not yer good...get closer to yer crush...if yes den sorry but try to get them together

What happens if you catch your crushes arm around your best friends neck?

it means your crush likes your best friend

What do you do if the guy you like likes one of your best friend?

get a new crush You tell that friend that you like him, and if she goes after him, she's not your best friend. If she backs off, then you'll be ok.

What if your starting to fall for your best friends crush but he likes you not her?

talk to your friend im sure she will understand

What do you do when the guy you have a crush on likes your best friend?

don't mention it to your you can try to spend time with him.

My best friend likes the same person that i do and i think she likes my best friend?

Nothing should come betwenn friendship. You need to talk to him/her and sort out what is going on. A crush is nothing to fight over.

What do you do If the boy you like likes your best friend but your best friend likes his best friend who likes you?

you have a fight with them

How do you tell if your best friend likes your crush?

If he or she says something funny or cool that makes your crush laugh or interested and they keep going on with themselves.

What do you do when your crush lives next door?

if your crush lives next door and he has a sister that is your best friend ,then ask her if she can ask him if he likes you..or hang out with him everyday!!(:

My crushes best friend told me that my crush liked me and my crush heard his friend say it and right after that started talking to me and he didn't talk to me before does he like me?

YEA! Lucky you he likes you but maybe u should ask him if he likes u after u tell him about what his friend said

What to do if your crush likes your best friend?

act like it doesnt bother u but deep down your hurt