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beat the other guy up FIRST then break up with your girlfriend

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Q: What to do when your girlfriend is hanging out more with another guy rather then you?
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Does Kitayama Hiromitsu have a girlfriend?

of course!! he has a girlfriend!! he is man right? its more acceptable is he has a girlfriend rather him being gay!!

What happens your girlfriend lies about hanging with a guy?

give her one more chance if she breaks it DUMP HER

Your girlfriend is now hanging out more with her girlfriend?

Don't feel you have to be with each other all the time. Hang out with your guy friends. Trust me, the space is necessary.

What do you do when your boyfriend over react when he think that you hanging around another boy more than you hanging around him?

If your boyfriend overreacts because you're hanging around another boy more than him, tell him that you're just friends and you can spend more time with him, but you won't give up your friends.

Signs of cheating boyfriend?

- Change in behavior. - Not texting back / answering calls. - Always out late. - sits with another girl - smiles at another girl - not hanging out with you know more - hanging out with another girl - he is not talking to you

What does it mean if a guy is will ing to break up with his girlfriend for you?

It means that although he cares about his girlfriend, he loves you more than her and would rather be with you than her

How do you entertain your girlfriend by texting?

Flirt with her and compliment her a lot. Ask her how she feels and whats she's doing often. Never talk to your girlfriend about sex or anything like that in text unless she wants to. Try not to text her constantly as it will make your relationship seem more of a "texting" relationship where you text each other rather then hanging out.

What should you do if you have a girlfriend but like another girl more?

Be honest with your girlfriend. explain the situation gently and see what you both decide to do.

Why would your boyfriend be avoiding you?

He is not interested in you any more. Chances are, he has another girlfriend.

What do you do if your best friend starts hanging out with another friend more than you?

stop being there friend then fight them.

What does it mean if your girlfriend talks to your best friend more than she talks to you?

It means she likes hanging out with her best friend. She'll spend time with you too.

How do you retreve your girlfriend if she have another boyfriend?

buy her more things than the other guy

What does it mean if a guy would rather spend all his time with you than his girlfriend?

That he likes you more than his girlfriend, which technically, is not a good thing, as he might want to be with you rather than his girlfriend. So that's up to you to decide whether you choose to be with him as it might affect his girlfriend's feelings. But if you do end up together, then I wish you a happy relationship ;D

Does Simon Amstell from Never Mind the Buzzcocks have a girlfriend?

He's more likely to be gay rather than have a girlfriend because of some of the comments he has made on tv. He probably has a boyfriend.

What do you do when you like a boy and he likes you back but latley he has been hanging out with another girl and he likes her more?

you....umm....hang out with him more, and make him like you...yea

What do you do if your girlfriend is jealous from you tickiling another girl?

Assuming you've already apologized and promised not to do it again and she's still on about it... dump her and find a more reasonable girlfriend.

Why doesnt my girlfriend show me any effection?

Your girlfriend doesn't show you any affection because she might be loving you any more or she has found another guy.

How can I tell if my girlfriend is cheating?

She looks more at the guy than you. Check her phone.

How to keep a guy from stealing your your girlfriend?

Your girlfriend has to be the one to ignore his come ons or simply tell him she's not interested. You attempting to tell him to lay off won't work--in some cases it will just spur him on even more, especially if your girlfriend keeps hanging around with him or seems to enjoy the attention. Acting angry or jealous about it towards your girlfriend won't work either.

Was the hanging gardens of Babylon really hanging?

The Hanging Gardens of Babylon were not really hanging in the sense that they were hanging from the Gardens upside down or anything, they actually were more draped as they grew, over the sides of the trellises and planters.

How can you get to know a girl?

Start hanging out with her more.

What are the signs he likes you more than a friend when he has a girlfriend?

you can tell when he stares at you in a way he has never done before. He'll start hanging around u more and asking u personal questions. Such as what would you do if i kissed you or something like that.

What if you and him did more than kiss but he then had a girlfriend?

You then need to do it with his girlfriend.

What does it mean when a guy that you are having casual sex with now wants it to become more than just sex but he has a steady girlfriend?

He wants to make you the girlfriend and find another hump buddy

How do you know if your boyfriend is using you to get another girl?

A person usually knows if he's using you when their boyfriend doesn't really pay attention to you. Rather than talking about you and him, he would rather ask more about your friend or you can notice if he stares more at your friend rather than you. :)