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please go to the store and get a new iPod

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โˆ™ 2010-11-26 13:06:43
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Q: What to do when your iPod won't turn on?
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IPod will not turn on?

Can anyone tell me how to turn on a ipod nano if it wont work?? Thank you

How do you know if your iPod Nano is broke?

if it wont turn on

Why wont your ipod touch turn back on after you jailbreak it?

plug it in then leave it then unplug it, it should turn in then

Ipod Corrupt And Wont Turn On What Should I Do?

go to professional electronist.

Why wont my iPod turn on if it is charged?

It might need a new battery.

What do you do if your iPod touch wont turn on?

try charging it or connecting it to itune

What happens when your ipod shuts offand wont turn on?

it's broken.

What do you do when your ipod app wont load and says waiting?

Turn it of then back on

What do you do when your ipod 4Gs keyboard wont turn sideways?

type in the keyboard

How do you turn a iPod touch on when it wont turn on?

Place it on the charger once its starts to charge it will automatically come on

How do you know if an iPod is broken?

It doesn't respond to touch, the screen is white, it wont turn on,

How can you fix your ipod if it wont turn on?

Well it ussually means that it is dead but if not then its probably broken.

Your iPod Touch wont turn on or register on your computer after you dropped it in your pool?

bc you dropped it in water idiot

What do you do when your ipod touch turns off randomly and wont turn back on?

It needs charging.

Why wont your iPod touch turn on unless you plug it in?

Most likely cause is the battery is bad.

What if your ipod touch wont turn on?

Hold the sleep button and home button. If not, plug it into itunes.

What do you do if your ipod touch turns off randomly and wont turn back on?

you go to settings and reset it

MY ipod nano wont turn on?

press and hold the "volume down" and the "sleep/wake" buttons at the same time for a few seconds and it will turn on

My iPod touch has been jail broken and now wont turn on?

Sucked in fool don't jailbreak

If your iPod touch won't charge what do you do?

If your I Pod touch or I pod wont turn on bring it to Apple to be checked

Why wont your iPod touch turn on?

try and press the button to turn on and the button at the bottem to reset it and it should work if not it proberly needs to go on charge

How do you fix my ipod nano 4th generation?

My ipod just wont turn on, it is just a blank scree. I tried resetting it and restoring it, but no luck. Is there any way to can get it to work???

Can every iPod jailbreak?

yes, but theres a 50% chance that it wont turn back on or might not work properly.

What do you do if your ipod touch shuts off after jailbreaking it and wont turn back on?

Try connecting it to your computer and restoring it with itunes

Why wont your ipod touch let you use the volume Every time I try to use the volume it turns it all the way down by itself and wont let me turn it up AND the volume screen wont go away. HELP?

You have to turn your itouch of all the way