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Explain why you're dressed like a girl but have a penis.

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If a girl constantly brushes up against you it means that she just likes you and wants you to talk to her. She is eager to hear from you.

Nothing happens you get a little bet more protein though

It depends on the girl and the penis.

You risk pregnancy just by rubbing the penis with pre-ejaculation against the vaginal opening. You barely need to go in at all.

No - if a girl has a penis then she is physically male and thus doesn't have a uterus, as such she does not menstruate.

A transgender girl would already have a penis.

For a girl to have an orgasm, it doesnt really matter how large someones dick is, it all depends on how you rub against her clitoris.

You may be confused. Girls do not have a penis.

You put the penis in the women's vagina.

It can be virtually nonexistent as a girl can be satisfied with out the use of a penis.

The size of the penis has nothing to do with your ability to get someone pregnant. Its your sperm. So yes you can get a girl pregnant with a 4.5 in penis.

Let me tell you, If she's got a penis of any size she is not a girl.

there is a hole down below your clitoris and above your but that is where you put your penis to get a girl pregnant

No females have neither a penis nor sperm.

A girl with a penis is called...her name.You may be referring to a transgender person: a trans woman who has a penis. You may be referring to an intersex person: a female born with a penis.

You can tell if your man penis is hard by the veins in the penis

Yes you can become infected with some STDs by fingering a girl then touching your penis.

A girl should not have a penis, small or otherwise. Girls with penises are almost exclusively boys.

If a girl is crazy about a boy/mans penis and you put it in your vagina nothing would happen, the boy/mans penis would be erect.

the girl that you've got your penis inside

if it has a penis it is a guy, if it has a vagina it is a girl.

Let her keep touching your penis and enjoy it

A girl does not have pre-ejaculate, only males do. The pre-ejaculate the males experience is when the tip of their penis leaks fluids when they are sexually aroused by the do not fully have an orgasm or ejaculate. Females produce a lubrication to prepare the vagina for the entry of the penis. This keeps the penis from rubbing against her vaginal wall and causing friction or abrasions.

If you want to show a girl your penis. Tell her to came to you then when your close say "do you want to see a penis'. Then show her it . And make sure she doesn't tell a cop.

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