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Their roots may be dying out or they may be in soil that has a drainage problem.

2006-09-10 13:30:46
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Q: What to do with cedar bushes that are very dry and are not responding to watering?
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What are the orange growths on cedar trees?

Orange growth on cedar trees can be a fungus called Cedar-apple rust. This fungus usually will not kill a cedar trees but can be very damaging to an apple tree.

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Is a lawn irrigation system more cost effective than hand watering?

A lawn irrigation system is more effective if you are watering a lawn that is 500 sqare feet or larger. This is because hand watering is very time consuming and very unproductive. If you are watering a small area, such as trees, plants, and shrubbery, hand watering these items is much more effective as it is important to control the amount of water these plants are receiving. Additionally, it is useless to water these plants with a sprinkler if the water ends up on the plant rather than in the soil.

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Can there be tornadoes in Cedar Lake Indiana?

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What is the difference between walnut and cedar trees?

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What causes yellow leaves on petunias?

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