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What to do with your betta when you go on vacation?

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Well, my friend feeds her fish A LOT of fish food before leaving. Depends how long you'll be gone for?

Will the room your keeping him/her in get too hot, too cold?

Do you have a friend or family that can come over & feed it for you?

A neighbor or kid you could pay $5.00 to keep it at their house while you're gone?

I bet a neighbor wouldn't mind watching it for you while you're gone.

** If you go on vacation that is only a week, Do a full water change before you go, and don't feed him a day or two before you leave (Unless your tank is 5 gallons or larger, then it won't matter either way).

It's not about hunger. Your fish can go a week comfortably without food. It's about water conditions. Leaving your fish alone in old water and waste build up will make your fish incredibly ill. Not feeding your fish just before you go will keep the water cleaner because he will not be making waste.

So if it's just a week, unless your fishsitter knows how to properly change the water, the betta is better off hungry.

If it's longer than a week, you should get a knowledgeable fish sitter who knows exactly what to do and will actually do it.**

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Can betta fish go crazy?

I have never seen any Betta fish's go crazy, but, it is possible.

Why isn't my betta eating?

Go to "What happens when your betta fish doesn't eat"

Can an angelfish go in a tank with a Betta?


Can Betta fish get along with Shrimp?

Betta fish go "shrimp in my territory" and attack and shrimp go BOOM so that should answer your question

Will betta fish go with male betta fish?

keeping multiple bettas in the same tank is not reccomended

Why is betta fish staying at the bottom of the tank?

if your betta fish doesnt go up for air its probably dead.

Do betta fish live in ponds?

no a Betta can not live in a pond because it has to have a steady temp or it will go into shock and die.

When betta fish go to sleep what do they look like?

Betta dish actually don't sleep, or they'd die.

Where do people go on summer vacation?

Anywhere they want to go on summer vacation!!

Do betta fish know how to do tricks?

Y-E-S they can! Go to youtube and type betta fish doing tricks.

Which fish can go with a baby Betta fish who is probably male in a ten gallon tank?

None are recommended if the Betta is a male.

Where do you get baby betta fish food?

Go to petsmart and ask a person there to show you witch is best for your baby betta fish.

I cant wait to go on vacation?

Vacation is waiting for you

What can you feed Betta fish other than pellets?

You could try feeding them flakes,live food, or frozen foods. Well am only a kid so if they don't work go back to Pellets, or go to website like and see what they to feed your betta (it dosent matter what kind of betta or gender your betta is).

Where did Merlin go on vacation?

Merlin is a fictional character and fictional characters don't go on vacation.

What kinds of betta are there?

There are half moon betta, delta betta, round tail betta, long tailed betta, crown tailed betta, king betta, and others I don't know of yet.

Do spectacular go with kiely?

he betta NT go wit ha cuz he is mine

Can a Betta fish go in the same tank as a red tailed shark?

No they cannot, also if you put two Betta fish together, they will fight.

My Betta is FAT what do I do?

If you're referring to your Betta "Fish" then stop feeding it so much. They are genetically engineered and can go months without eating.

Do betta sleep?

In a sense, they do. If you watch a betta, you'll notice times where the betta will go still and not move. This is where they 'shut down', and it's only for a short amount of time. They don't 'sleep' as we mammals do, but that's how they get their rest.

How to tell Betta fish has diseases?

I cant realy list them all but go to Explore the site then you can find types of betta deseases and pictures of them.

Can Betta fish eat bugs?

well, they love miskito larve, not from the ground! Brine shrimp is ecspensive but betta fish looooooooooove it! food that makes betta fish go POAH!: fLAKES: betta fish will spit it out, especilly if its had a taste of brine shrimp! pellets. love, maggygeno

How do you know if a betta fish is a girl?

female betta fish have shorter fins and tails if u go to walmart and ask the for one female betta fish and one male u would see a big difference

Why do betta fish lose their fins?

Your betta fish probably lives in a bad water condition or some fish is biting your betta fish's fins.If the water is in bad conditions you should probably clean it and talk to a manager in a pet store about betta fishtail rotting or search it up on google ( search betta fish tail rotting and go to images.)

Can a betta fish go 2 days without food?