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What to do with your betta when you go on vacation?


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August 04, 2009 4:23AM

Well, my friend feeds her fish A LOT of fish food before leaving. Depends how long you'll be gone for?

Will the room your keeping him/her in get too hot, too cold?

Do you have a friend or family that can come over & feed it for you?

A neighbor or kid you could pay $5.00 to keep it at their house while you're gone?

I bet a neighbor wouldn't mind watching it for you while you're gone.

** If you go on vacation that is only a week, Do a full water change before you go, and don't feed him a day or two before you leave (Unless your tank is 5 gallons or larger, then it won't matter either way).

It's not about hunger. Your fish can go a week comfortably without food. It's about water conditions. Leaving your fish alone in old water and waste build up will make your fish incredibly ill. Not feeding your fish just before you go will keep the water cleaner because he will not be making waste.

So if it's just a week, unless your fishsitter knows how to properly change the water, the betta is better off hungry.

If it's longer than a week, you should get a knowledgeable fish sitter who knows exactly what to do and will actually do it.**