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paint chips, cracks wore out parts, etc.

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Q: What to look for when checking for flaws in porcelain figurines?
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Where can you buy porcelain figurines?

Porcelain figurines are available in the UK from shops such as Collectables. This is a shop that dedicates a large part of it's stock to this type of item. Online stores also sell porcelain figurines, but if you would like to look at the item before you buy then Collectables or a large Department Store would be the best option.

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How do you buy diuschu porcelain?

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Where can you get a jwk western Germany fine porcelain plate with napoleon and his army on it?

Unfortunately you will have to look around on the Internet to find any JWK porcelain these days. Thankfully, many sellers can be found this way. Try using major auction websites or look for porcelain dealers and contact them. Good luck!

Can all porcelain go in the oven?

Porcelain is actually used in too general a way to simply say yes. Actually, thinner, decorative porcelain can't go in the oven. Only stoneware or porcelain specifically made for the purpose can. The best advice is to look at the label or for a stamp on the underside.

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