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tell him or her what you no, and if you don't no you need to find out.

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Q: What to say if an employer ask what you know about this job?
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What do you say when an employer ask you your strengths?


If a previous employer is restricted on what they can say regarding your employment then why is it legal for a prospective employer to ask you why you left your last job?

Employers are NOT restricted in making factual comments on former employers. They are liable only if they make knowingly false statements. Prospective employers can ask about your former job, too.

What do people say their job availability date is?

The date when they can start to work for the new employer if they were to be employed. (They ask this because when some people who are already in work want to get a new, different job, they may have to give notice and work out the contract with the old employer).

How do you answer may we contact your current employer on a job application?

It depends if you want to. They are asking if they can talk to your employer and see how you did and so on. You want to say yes or no depending on what the employer will say about you.

Can an employer ask what your doctor's visit is for?

NO just say it is personal

When an employer ask what you expect from the company?

You say money and babes

Can an employer say how much you're getting paid?

No, what an employer can do is say how much he/she is willing to pay. If you don't like it, you can go get a different job.

When an employer ask you what are your skills what should you say?

Prepare for this question beforehand, and answer using verbs (actions) that demonstrate skills you have acquired or are proficient in. Don't lie, tell the truth about your skills so that you will both know whether or not this job is appropriate for you. If you are eager to learn, say that as well.

Can a employer say you had been terminated from a job in the state of Texas?

An employer cannot say you were terminated, but they can say you are not eligible for rehire. Texas is an 'at will' state and can fire you for any reason.

What to say to future employer of why you left your last job?

The truth, or what you think is the truth, do not lie, you won't get the job.

What can prospective employer ask previous employer in Arizona?

1 - is this person re-hirable and #2 - you can ask for dates of employment.I think that's all you can legally askNo statute restricts what a employer can ask. Almost no restrictions on what a former employer can say about a worker. No factual info can create defamation liability - only falsehoods. can.

Why do people say you are fired?

Because you have lost your job and are no longer working for that employer.

Your previous employer is preventing you from getting a job by saying bad things about you to potential employers what can you do?

If you were a good employee, but had a misunderstanding with your former employer you should have tried to get a Letter of Recommendation. It's tough to prove that your former employer is saying anything bad about you so there is little you can do. I don't know how long you worked before, but, if it was just a year or two then on your Resume just skip the last job if you can. I have done that. If they ask just say you took the year off. If I don't trust the former employer I will choose a Supervisor or another person with a position in that company for the next possible employer to contact.

What do you say to an employer if you've been fired?

Although you may be upset about it whatever you do, do not go off on them. Just talk it out, ask why your being fired and see if there's anything you could possibly do to keep your job. But don't beg to keep your job, and if they say that there isn't anything that you can do then accept that.

Turn down a job what do you say to the person?

If a person wants to turn down a job, they could write an email or call the employer. They can tell the employer that are no longer interested in the position and thank them for the opportunity.

Can a past employer say negative things in a reference check?

Yes if it relates to your job performance.

What to say if employer ask why do you want to join your company?

There are many things you could say when an employer asks you why you want to join a company. You may for example want the opportunity to work on your communication skills.

Can your employer ask for a doctors note when you call in the first day?

If you missed your first day of work and you haven't done your employer the courtesy of calling to say why you weren't going to show up, I'd predict that you won't need to worry about getting the note since you won't have the job.

Do you have to say why you were dismissed by last employer?

if it was something serious and something u think your employer out to know then yes otherwise keep it to yourself

Can you say you left a job due to illness?

Yes, if you left your last employer because of an illness then of course.

Why you left a job?

If this is difficult to answer it is often best to say it was a temporary contract that came to an end and you chose not to renew the contract. Make sure you do not say anything negative about your former employer as this will not get you the job.

What do you say in an interview when asked why you want to leave your job of only 3 months without making the current employer sound bad?

you can say that the job just did not fit what you wanted to do with the of your life

What did you like or dislike about your previous job?

This is a trick question in a job interview. You should always answer tactfully and never say bad things about your previous employer, even if you have nothing good to say about them.

Can illegal immigrants get legalized if they have a colleg degree?

I think only if their employer desides to file on their behalf but the employer also has to prove that he/she cant find a US citizen who can perform the same job as you can, which is kind of a hard thing to do. Or if your job is in demand then they can easily file for you like lets say..a doctor... I think only if their employer desides to file on their behalf but the employer also has to prove that he/she cant find a US citizen who can perform the same job as you can, which is kind of a hard thing to do. Or if your job is in demand then they can easily file for you like lets say..a doctor...

What do you say in a job interview when they ask what can you bring to the job?

Strong organizational skills and the ability to be a leader.