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if u r in a relationship and want to tlk to ur gf then start with saying hi on a sticky note than let the conversation flow. wen u feel comfortable with that then you should start tlking to her in person. start with hi. or wutz up. or maybe even how was ur nite. if u love this person start an "argument" on who loves who the most. believe me. they won't care if u mess up on a word or if u feel nervous.

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Q: What to talk to your girlfriend about?
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What do you do if you have a girlfriend that only will talk to you if you embarrass yourself?

Dump. Get a girlfriend who will always talk to you.

Is lucas cruikshank looking for a girlfriend?

No he is not .. He doesn't really want a girlfriend girls always talk about them selves they never talk about what he wants to talk about.

What to talk with girlfriend?


What to talk about with your girlfriend?

talk about how she feels. or how her day was. or just talk about girl stuff.

How can you talk to roc royal personally?

all you have to do is talk to his girlfriend leondra then you can talk to him

What to talk to girlfriend if you are in bording school?

talk about how she fills. they love that!

How do you know if your ready to have a girlfriend?

Do you want to have a girlfriend? You can always talk to your dad.

How i get my girlfriend to talk dirty to me?

Ask her to.

How do you talk to an ex girlfriend?

As a friend.

Your girlfriend will not put out what can you do?

Talk to her. Ask why.

What would you talk to your girlfriend about?

I talk to my girlfriend about whatever comes to mind. Find a common interest and talk about that, or just start talking and see where the conversation goes! Talk about the latest movie, or talk about your pets, etc... Just be yourself and talk about anything!

How do you talk with your girlfriend?

Like you would talk to any other friend.

What should you talk about to your girlfriend?

Talk about Tom Cruise. (Or Justin Bieber)

What should I do if My pregnant girlfriend is flirting with Other guys?

You should talk to your girlfriend about it. Talk to her about how it makes you feel when you see her flirting with other guys.

What to do when your crush texts you everyday about how he does not like his girlfriend but he still stays with her should you text back and his girlfriend wont let him talk to you so you cant talk?

You should tell him he can't talk to you if he has a girlfriend because that makes him a player and girl, you deserve better!æ If he's trying to talk to you while hes got a girlfriend hes going to do the same thing to you.

What to talk with my girlfriend?

you can ask her questions or talk to her about what you both have in common and things will start from there

What you have to do when your girlfriend cheat you?

U can "BREAK UP" OR "TALK IT OUT" & if i were u i would talk it out

Are you a good girlfriend if you never talk to your boyfriend?

Well, I think that being a boyfriend, or girlfriend in this case, means that you need to talk to him. If you really like him then you would want to talk to him all the time. The point of being in a relationship is getting to know your girlfriend/boyfriend better. If you don't talk to him, how are you and your boyfriend going to build a stronger relationship? So to answer your question, No I don't think you are being a 'good' girlfriend if you never talk to him.

What if the guy you like has a girlfriend but you talk to him all the time and flirt with him?

You shouldn't flirt with him if he has a girlfriend.

What should you do if your girlfriend is controlling?

You could talk to her about it and see if she changes or you could get a new girlfriend.

What are some things to talk about with your girlfriend?


Girlfriend wants to break up?

Talk to her

With whom did Abraham talk?

with his girlfriend hawa.

How do you get to talk more to your girlfriend?

open your mouth

How do you talk to your girlfriend on the phone when you have no privacy?

you can text