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What tool do you need to remove the front seats to replace carpeting and how do you remove the back seat?


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Your going to need several to remove the front and back seats plus the console to change out the carpeting.

To remove the front seats is easy:

Look under the seats and disconnect the weight sensor/seatbelt sensor/heated seat hookup if it's there.

Slide the seat all the way forward, and using a flathead screwdriver pop up the plastic covers on the back of the seat on the floor. From there use a wrench of some kind to remove both bolts holding the seat down, then just lift up and tilt forward to remove the seat.

To remove the back seat:

Pop the trunk and pull the seat releases on the top of the trunk. Pull the seatbacks down and use a flathead screwdriver to push the outer latches of the seats off while lifting up on the ends and the seats will pop out. In order to get the seat. Look toward the black rail in the back and you should see a small metal wire under the black rail. Just push down really hard and pull back and the it should pop out. Do the same to the other side, and then just ease the seat out of the spot.

To remove the center console:

Twist the base of the shift knob until it comes off the shift ball. Pull on the shift ball to remove it. In the front of the shift boot there is a tab you can squeeze back to lift up and remove the boot. Pull the ebrake up and put a screwdriver in the tabbie to let the cover off that. Pull up on the rear cup holder, and unsnap the three console pieces that fit on the top. Use a socket or wrench to remove the ebrake and one of the body control modules right there, and the two tiny black screws on the sides of the console. Remove anything else and lift up the center console. Also the cigarette lighters are going to need to be disconnected as well.

From there pull the carpet out and replace, enjoy!


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There are bolts that you must remove in order to take out the front seats of a 2002 Monte Carlo. There are two in the back of the seat and two in the front of the seat. If you have heated seats you will also have to remove the wires for that before you take the seat out.

I need to remove the front seat to my Vauxhall combo van to replace the seat belt clip, the is Van on an N Plate it's a Vauxhall COMBO 1.7. Many Thanks

remove the bolds to the seats. you will just have to look around for them. if i can remember right, they are in the front of the back seats, like the front lip, somewhere.

front seats ? four bolts hold them in, but they are really done up tight .

The easiest way is to remove the front seats from a Honda Accord dx 2004 is with the brackets attached; that way you should just have to unbolt them from the floorboard.

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Each seat has 4 nuts attaching to the floor. Just remove those nuts. Also do not forget about wires underneath of the seats especially if you have power seats.

There are bolts that hold down the seat rails. The bolts go through the floor, and if you remove them, the seats lift right out. Move the seats back to loosen the front bolts, then move the seats forward to remove the back bolts. Don't forget to disconnect the electrical plugs since you don't want to destroy the sensors and seat controls.

Should be bolts in each corner of seat

The slides are most likely rusted. Remove the 4 nuts per seat from under the car, remove the seats and replace slides

Should be 4 bolts--one in each corner

Pull the adjustment lever and pull them straight forward and they slide out.

This is very easy. The front seats all held in place by 4 bolt that go to the floor. Get a rachet with a 14 or 15mm head, not sure. position the seat all the way to the back, and you will see the front two bolts to remove. Once removed, slide the seat all the way to the front, and start removing the rear bolts. easy as that good luck

You use the tire tools to lower the winch. The part you turn is located in front of the console between the front seats. When the tire is low enough, you can pull it out the side to remove it from the carrier.You use the tire tools to lower the winch. The part you turn is located in front of the console between the front seats. When the tire is low enough, you can pull it out the side to remove it from the carrier.

YOu may be able to but you would lose the ability to adjust them and they just may not feel right. Look, measure, look, measure then look and mesure again. The worst that could happen is you get the front seats out and the passenger seats won;t fit.

It is located behind the rear seats. Once you remove them you will see the pumps and lines. There are several youtube vids on how to remove and replace it.

remove brake seats then remove the brake knuckles , then you'll need a wheel hub puller or a slide hammer.

You need to remove the front and rear seats. Remove the console, various interior panels and the door sill plates. Pull out the carpet.

gut the bumper supports, gut the braces out of the doors, get lexan windows, remove the rear seats, get cloth front seats

Pre 1974 bus seats are simple to remove as they are just held in with a small catch. 1. lift the base from the front of the seat 2. pull the back of the seat towards the windscreen 3. push down/wiggle the seat and out it pops.

It is under the center console between the front bucket seats. You have to remove the center storage compartment (remove the screws holding it in).

There are 4 bolts 2 in the front and 2 in the back. You will have to slide the seat up and back to get to the bolts.

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