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What tool do you use to unscrew the radiator in a 2001 GMC if you want to flush the radiator?

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I believe ther is a petcock that can be opened with a 1/4" drive extension. You turn it about 1/3 of a turn and pull it out.

2005-08-11 00:55:01
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How do you drain the radiator of a 2001 Chevrolet Malibu.?

Just below the radiator lower hose is the petcock. Unscrew it partially and it will drain. It has a "T" type handle that does not require any special tool. Be sure and save as much antifreeze as you can. If you do not reuse it then take it to a repair shop or AutoZone so that it will be disposed of properly.

How do you unscrew a wornout screew?

get a sharp pointed tool and tap the screw head along the edge in the unscrew direction be patient or you can buy a special tool at sears for that

How do you replace a front 2001 vw passat seat belt?

You just need a special torx socket & unscrew the old bolts. They have them at better tool stores like harbor freight.

Where is oil filter on 2001 clk 430?

Remove engine cover and its next to the oil cap its a round plastic cap unscrew with the special tool or a big plyers and filter is under cap

How do you Flush coolant system on a 2002 cadillac northstar engine?

The easiest way is to pull the lower radiator hose. There is a petcock on the bottom of the radiator, but it's a pain to get to without a special tool. Pop the hose and you'll get about 85% of the coolant out. Have a large drain bucket handy. Make sure the engine is cool.

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How much does it cost to replace a thermostat in a dodge magnum?

alot of shops will charge 150 or so...but if you have the most basic of tool sets.... anyone can do it. unscrew the coupleing where the top radiator hose is...pop old one out drop new one in replace hose.

How do you remove seat on a kawaski vulcan 750?

In tool box there are two bolts. Unscrew those

How do you tell if thers a leak radiator 1999 elantra?

there is a tool for the radiator to check for leaks.unscrew rad. cap and put tool cap on rad. and pump air into rad. and it will push fluid out the hole.there is your leak

How do you unscrew a Tech Decks wheel?

Get the tool and put it around the nut or bolt inside the wheel and turn it.

How do you disconnect a bath tub drain?

You unscrew it from the tub with the proper tool, or possibly with long nose pliers.

What is the difference between internal flush and full hole thread?

The difference between internal flush and full hole thread is that the roots of the full-hole tool joints are rounded, and the roots for the internal-flush joints are flat.

What is a fin straightener?

It is a tool used to straighten the fins of an automotive radiator. Normally used after something has damaged part of the radiator without causing a leak.

How do you pressure test radiator cap?

With a radiator cap pressure tester. The tool usually comes along with a cooling system pressure test kit.

How do you detach transmission hoses from radiator of 1999 dodge ram truck?

With a release tool.

What is router bits and how to use it?

A router bit is tool used to unscrew a CPU and other computers when taking down the computer. This is a tool used to build and take down the computer and printers.

Where is the tire jack tool located on f150?

the tool is either clipped across the top of the grill in front of radiator under hood, or it is behind the seat

What is a wiper removal tool for a VW Jetta?

It is a small plastic tool that can be found beside the radiator return hose, to the left of the blinker coolant line.

How do you change radiator on a 2002 envoy?

The best way that I have found is to take off the hoses, loosen the oil pipes at the bottom and take off the fan and shroud by removing the bolts holding it in place. You need to take off the fan which requires a special tool to loosen it from the water pump. After that, the process should be simple enough. There are two plastic hooks on both sides of the radiator. You can loosen the hold of these hooks by wedging a regular screwdriver between the rubber flap that holds it in place. The condenser and radiator should be loose enough to unscrew the bolts connecting the radiator and condenser together. Lift up on the radiator and you replace in reverse.

How can i Remove and replace battery in key?

You should just be able to unscrew the back of the key. if not the dealer has a tool to take them apart.

The wings broke off when I tried to loosen the valve to drain the radiator. How do you remove a broken radiator bleeder valve from a 2001 Ford F150?

Being very careful, drill a small hole in the middle of the broken petcock. Using a tool called an easy out, you should be able to back out the broken off part. Take care not to drill sideways and hit the radiator threads.

How can you uninstall a radiator from a 2000 Dodge Dakota?

you have to remove the fan this takes a specail tool then you will drain the radiator with the plug that's on the bottom corner of the radiator next disconnect the upper and lower hoses it should come out

How do you get codes on 2001 dodge cummins?

With a scan tool.

What tool to disconect transmission line from radiator?

the best and most safest tools are line spanners

What tool do you need to remove a 2001 dodge Dakota brake caliper?

a brake caliper tool (really)