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Depends on the vehicle... Here is a link to complete head gasket job performed on a Honda Civic

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Q: What tools and materials are required for replacing a blown head gasket?
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Does dura sealer fix BloWn head gasket?

No, nothing will fix a blown head gasket except replacing it. Sealer are only used in an emergency situation as a temporary fix.

Bestt stuff to use for blown head gasket?

nothing...just replacing it will cure your problems

How do you replace blown head gaskets out of 1997 Chevy Camaro?

are you sure its just a blown head gasket?... if heads are warped due to overheating replacing the gasket wont help you will need new heads as well. You can get a Haynes Manual or Chiltons, they will give you step by step guidance on replacing your gasket.

How do you repair a blown head gasket or cracked head?

A blown gasket can be repaired by replacing the gasket...if you are talking about the head gasket, then you have to remove the cylinder head from the engine block and replace the gasket that is inbetween them. Cracked heads generally have to be replaced because they are made of aluminum which cannot be repaired permanently once it is cracked.

Why would a car with a blown head gasket not start?

Because the head gasket is blown.

Will black pepper fix blown head gasket?

No it will not. The only thing that will fix a blown head gasket is to replace the gasket.

Blown head gasket 1996 BMW 328i?

what are you asking here? PLease be more specific - how do I know if my head gasket is blown, or what do I do about a blown head gasket ......

Blown intake manifold gasket?

gasket connecting 2 or more solid materials to form a vacuum and pressure seal. the term "blown" indicates a failure in either or both the vacuum (air intake)or pressure (coolant passages)

Can a car still start with a blown head gasket or motor?

Sure it will start with a blown head gasket. But, if you continue to run this engine with a blown head gasket you will destroy the engine.

Holden vectra js series 11?

in replacing a blown head gasket would it be usual procedure to then check emission monitoring system

What causes engine oil to turn white?

WATER. This indicates a blown head gasket. Damage has been done to the engine in the form of overheating and the head gasket(s) have blown. Water therefor has leaked into the oil. Replacing the head gaskets is the way to repair this motor.

Would blown head gasket cause emission?

Yes, I blown head gasket will definitely effect the emissions.

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