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Blacksmiths used a large array of tools, but the ones you hear about most are the forge, bellows, anvil, hammer, and tongs.

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Blacksmiths use these tools hammers of various kinds, fullers, flatters, chisels, tongs and the hardy.

They work with a lot of metals and because of medieval blacksmiths we have the doors we use today and the metal tools we also use. They sometimes wear leather aprons and mainly old clothes. They get money for the things they make, mainly tools made out of metal.

A black will use a hammer to make other tools or nails

They make things such as metal nails, door hooks, and hammers.

He is the god of fire and the forge which blacksmiths use to craft tools.

yes they used mules to haul there swords or tools IOHGRUO:

Blacksmiths in the middle ages, as they do today, make things from iron and steel.

The role of the medieval blacksmith, like that of blacksmiths before and after the middle ages, was to work iron and make iron products such as horseshoes, tools bars, gates and many other products.

they used wooden tools they used wooden tools

He lived in The Blacksmiths forge

Not at all! Blacksmiths were honored and respected. They made valuable tools and repaired them, and the smith was an important man in the village.

they got their tools from neighborhood blacksmiths

Metal workers were called blacksmiths in the medieval times. They made a lot of swords and daggers, shields, and some other stuff too. I don't think they could've did something for fun then. Blacksmiths needed to get money for their families, money was hard to get in the medieval times unless you are a member of the royal family or a noble. Even if blacksmiths could make something for fun, they would probably make cool tools for themselves or a toy for their children.

blacksmiths usually used hammers,a forge, a vise,hacksaw,anvil,and tongs

the clothes that they were giant monkey costumes.

their daily routine is sleeping

A hammer sometimes and a sword

they used belts and swords

Blacksmiths, later on, gunsmiths.

the blacksmiths probably were richer because they helped the community run better with the tools they made

Blacksmiths could build swords. They built almost any tools and a sword is just a tool.

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