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to be honest, aliens did it.

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Q: What tools did the nazca tribe use to make the nazca lines?
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How were the Nazca lines built?

The rock on the top was removed so you could see the sand and they were removed in the shape of the design. Possibly, a heavy object is continuously dragged on the ground or some simply tools to dig slightly on the ground.

Why did the people who made the Nazca lines make pictures they couldn't see?

why did the people make pictures they couldnt see using the Nazca lines

What are Nazca lines?

Nazca lines are unexplainable set of lines in the south America. They are named so due to the tribes who supposedly drew them ( Nazca Indians). These lines make wonderful shapes like that of a humming bird. Most of these lines are so complex that many scientists are baffled on how could this have been drawn, while others are baffled just by the size of these lines.

What tools do the waorani tribe have?

the Waorani tribe have many different tools and the make many of them some they get from trading.

What tools did nootka tribe use and make?

tehy used tools

What arts and crafts did the Shawnee tribe make?

The Shawnee tribe made mound tools and tools for hunting and fishing.

What kind of tools did the Hopi tribe make?


How did the Shawnee tribe make there tools?

they made there tools with wood and sometimes buffalo skin.

What tools did the Huron tribe use?

they used wood to make weapons

What crafts did the Shawnee tribe make?

They started by making tools for hunting and fishing

How did the Yakama tribe get their tools?

They got their tools by cutting down trees and chopping them up to make weapons and all that other stuff they use as tools.

What did the coast miwok tribe make their tools out of?

Rock (which we now know had traces of arsenic)

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