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: Lower ball joint replacementI have a 98'. I replaced the lower and the upper. You will need a ball joint fork and a hammer, a grinder and the repair manual for the truck. The manual will explain the proceedure in more datail along with pictures.

Lift the lower control arm up with a jack and put a jack stand under it. remove the cotter pin and nut from the lower ball joint. Jack up the vehiclel high enough to put a jack stand under the fram instead of the lower control arm. Jack the vehicke high enough to remove the stand under the lower control arm. Using a ball joint seperator tool, separate the ball joint assembly from the lower control arm.

The lower has a (mount) lip on it keeping it in. You will have to grind the rivets holding it on in order for it to fall out. The new lower ball will come with a mount

that will hold it place. replace all the parts by bolting on the new mount withthe included bolts and nuts,and you have it done saving you $400.

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Q: What tools do you need to fix a lower ball joint in a 1998 Durango?
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