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This will refer to the front drivers and passenger doors only. I havent tried the others yet. You will need a PHILLIPS SCREWDRIVER only. No other tools are necessary. After you remove the 2 screws in the arm rest and the 2 screws behind the door handle and you remove the trim piece forward of the window, the panel is just held on at this point by hanger hooks. Simply struggle with lifting the entire door trim panel straight up to release these hooks. Caution is needed here to prevent breaking these hooks. Another caution here.......when you get the panel released, do not lower the panel towards the ground. You must disconnect the short wiring harnesses off the power window switch and the power door lock switch. They are not very long.

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2005-05-01 04:08:51
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Q: What tools would you need to remove the door panels off a 1999 Chevy Metro?
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