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What torture devices were used against the Jews in world war 2?

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gas chamber lining them up against the wall and shooting them individually.

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Bad music, uncomfortable furniture, dodgy spray tans, crowded bike paths. All these were used as torture devices.

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What killed Jews in the Holocaust?

Hitler killed Jews, Nazis killed them, there were torture devices, and concentration camps. Many more things too.

Did Nazis still torture Jews after world war 2?

No, the Nazis were defeated.

Sexual torture to Jews by Nazis?

sexual torture to Jewish woman by Nazi

Why did Hitler torture those who helped the Jews?

Hitler hated the Jews.

Who was against who during world war 2?

Jews against Germans

What is consentration camp?

Is a camp that the German Nazi's created to torture or kill the Jews all over the world. Hitlers idea was to exterminate all the Jews of the world. - 11 year old girl! :)!

Who did the Nazis torture and murder?

Majority of the people were Jews.

Why did world leaders ignore hitlers gocide against the Jews during the war?

because they were jews

What was anti-senitism in World War 2?

Hatred for Jews

What were the tortuers Jews got?

well the only torture jews faced without dieing is labour

How did Hitler torture Jews?

He put them in consentration camps to starve

Officially what was the purpose of the concentration camps?

to torture and eliminate jews

What was the most common form of torture used on Jews?


What are some of the bad deeds of Hitler in the world war?

Killing and torture of Jews in Hitler's death camps. Desire to form a super race. Desire to exterminate all Jews everywhere.

What were some torture methods used on the Jews in the 1940's?

The Nazis didnt torture the Jews they just killed them by puting them in big sealed rooms and pumping in posion gas

What torcher was used on the Jews?

there were many types of torture, the most common was medical torture. they were used as "guinea pigs" for experiments.

How did the Nazis torture?

By beating, whipping, and whacking the Jews. Basically anything they could think of to do to the Jews, they would do it.

Who were responsible for the spanish inquisition against the Jews?

Catholic Church was responsible. The men arresting, committing torture, and killing people in the name of God were Catholic Church representatives.

What were Hermann Goering's ideas or actions?

Hermann Goering's actions included ordering the death and torture of Jews during World War II.

Why is racism against jews wrong?

Because the world should be equal

What countries were fighting against the Jews in World War 2?


In world war 2 who was prejudice against the Jews?

almost everyone.

Why did world leaders ignore hitler's genocide against the jews during the war-?

World leaders ignored Hitler's genocide against the Jews during the war because of the position of Pope Pius XII.

World wars against jewish?

Neither World War was against Jewish. Jews fought on both sides, with their respective countries in both World Wars.

What countries were against Hitler in world war 2?

Definitly the countries with Jews in them.