What torture methods did the Japanese use on prisoners of war?

I got a better answer.I'm Singaporean and learning History in school and currently learning about this.There are a lot of torture ways,I'll list them out for you,I don't know everything but I'll list what I know =)

1) Stuffed a hose into a person's mouth then filled the person's stomach with water till it's bloated then jump on the stomach and the stomach bursts then the intestines and internal organs rupture.

2) They placed some mice under a metal cover on the stomach then heat it and then when it's hot then the mice will start to scratch the person's stomach until it's full of wholes and won't stop till they find a way out or when the Japanese stops.

3) They hang the victim onto something then place a growing bamboo under you and wait for it to grow until it pierces through the whole body

4 ) They used a certain kind of nail clipper to pluck off the victim's nails. Then when it's pluck off it bleeds right? After that they sprinkled salt and vinegar on the wound then it will start to get infected and rot but the worst is that after every 3 or 4 days they came back and sprinkled some more till the fingers rot away

There's still a lot,like raping and if someone passed a Japanese soldier and didn't greet them then off they went to heaven. If you're not Singaporean I suggest you come to Singapore and learn about our history,its interesting and the place here is very nice =)


Starvation and beating mostly. I know of one: the Chinese water torture. They would tie a person's hands behind their back, and have them kneel before the torturer. The torturer would then proceed to place a single droplet of water upon the person's forehead. This would go on for several hours, maybe, and unsensed the tortured in a way of insanity.


I'm not certain, but I believe they also at one point used tools such as fingernail extractors(let's not get into detail) and something else called water-boarding. I am not certain though.


Water Treatment or "Cure" as used by the Japanese military during World War II was a form of water torture in which the victim is forced to drink large quantities of water in a short time, resulting in gastric distension, water intoxication, and sometime death. In this form of water torture, water is forced down the throat and into the stomach. This happens repeatedly until osmosis causes the cells to explode.

Water boarding as used today refers to a technique involving water poured over the face or head of the subject, in order to evoke the instinctive fear of drowning. Often, a wet cloth is placed in the subject's mouth, giving them the sensation that they are drowning.


It is probably worthwhile to distinguish between torture - where the purpose is to inflict pain and distress as a punishment or as a method of coercion - from atrocities that were committed where the suffering was a byproduct of the purpose of the actions.

Although rape is sometimes a form of torture, nearly all of millions of the rapes committed by the Japanese during WW II were part of a plan by their leadership trying to improve the morale of the soldiers.* In those cases the rapes were technically atrocities rather than torture. The infamous Unit 731 would be another example of atrocities where great suffering was inflicted but for the purpose of (in)human experimentation rather that for the sheer sadistic pleasure of torture.


* Personally I think it had to have the reverse effect on morale by degrading the soldiers participating and destroying their self-worth and honor.