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Toys in the 1920s were very basic compared to what they are today. Some of the toys were spinning tops and kites, Raggedy Ann dolls, red wagons, pedal cars and bird whistlers.

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Q: What toys were in the 1920s?
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What were the most popular toys and games in the 1920s?

Mah Jong, crossword puzzles, football, etc. were popular games in the 1920s.

What toys were around in the 1920s?

dolls yo-yos airplanes cars

What were some of the jobs that were available to get in the 1920s what were some of the jobs that women had in the 1920s what were some of the jobs that children had in the 1920s?

Some jobs for the women were building cars, construction, ext. Some jobs for the children however, were different, they were "newsies" or sold newspapers, they worked in hard conditoned factories, they also would sell old things suck as their old toys, or clothing, just to get food on the table. Ps: is that all you need?

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The plural for the noun toy is toys.

In the 1920s what rose dramatically?

rose from about one-third in the early 1920s to almost two-thirds by the late 1920s.

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Alcohol and drugs in 1920s?

Yes, there was alcohol and drugs in the 1920s.

How does The Great Gatsby reflect the 1920s?

your mom reflects the 1920s

What is a flapper of the 1920S?

a woman that wear short skirts in the 1920s

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Installment buying in the 1920s?

this is the thing that has to do with installment buying. it happened in the 1920s!

Who was the most famous gangster from the 1920s?

who were the most famous gangsters from the 1920s?

What was Louis Armstrong's influence on the 1920s?

he influenced the jazz history in the 1920s

How did people reveal distrust of others in the 1920s?

how did people reveal distrust of others in the 1920s?

How was life for African-Americans in the 1920s?

How was life in the 1920s for African Americans?

What were the inventions in the 1920s?

There where many inventions in the 1920s as it was a time of change but 2 big ones are the car and insulin. I also think that crayobs were invented in the 1920s.

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What toys do you get in Spain?

Spain has toys just like the rest of the world does. Spain has educational toys, building toys, Barbie toys, etc.

What were popular TV shows in the 1920s?

There wasn't any tv in the 1920s. The first public demonstration was in the 1920s, though, so you can search "first tv ever".

Was their mob in the 1920s?

There were several crime families or mobs in the 1920s, also called the Mafia. For example, Al Capone was active from the early 1920s until the 1930s.

1920s dance and sneeze candy?

The 1920s "dance and sneeze" candy bar is actually the Charleston Chew. This candy was named after the dance that was popular during the 1920s.

What industry did not prosper in the 1920s?

the ones who did not prosper in the 1920s was African Americans and farmers