What trade goods were carried across Kansas to Santa Fe in 1820s?

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November 26, 2008 8:38PM

The sky was the limit and whatever garnered a profit was hauled.

Whiskey had a very high priority as did German Silver

imported European glass beads, colored ribbon and cloth,

forged arrowheads, guns and powder, bolts of cloth, copper, brass

and bronze for the commerce with Native-Americans. The mountain men

working their traps needed a variety of goodies like tobacco, home

remedies, tea, coffee, sugar, replacement traps, spices and a great

amount of Whiskey. Military outposts both Spanish and US required

vast amounts of weaponry, stores and trade goods themselves just to

maintain the peace. The freight rates were outlandish, the profits

were excellent and the risk was high and unrelenting but the Santa

Fe Trail was able to supply.

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